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The Lionchu goldfish: Pictures, facts and lifespan and care guide.
Lionchu goldfish have a double caudal peduncle, meaning that their tailfins are attached to their bodies at a point that is closer to the ce...
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Rouge des Ardennes Turkey: Turkey, pictures, facts, uses, origins and traits.
You might be considering adding a few turkeys to your mini barnyard if you are familiar with small-scale farming. If you are looking for a...
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Is chameleon dangerous?
A veterinarian has examined this product and found it to be safe and effective. This text has been reviewed and fact-checked by an expert. J...
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The White Russian is a breed of cat which has been a part of the European cat.
The height of this cat is 10 inches, the weight is 7-15 pounds, the lifespan is 15-20 years, the colors are white, black, and tabby, it is s...
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Korn Korn Ja Info: Picture, Temperament And Character
  Although Thailand is home to several cat breeds, the Korn Ja is not as well-known as the Siamese or Oriental shorthair. The Korn Ja is a b...
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How to choose a dog breed
There is a dog breed to suit everyone. How to choose a dog breed? There are currently more than 500 dog breeds. Therefore, almost everyone c...
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