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Oriental Bicolor: Pictures, Temperament & Traits
Height: 9–11 inches Weight: 8-12 kilos Lifespan: 8–12 years Colors: Any solid or tabby...
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Are Chameleons Threatening?
Many parents and individuals are hesitant to bring a chameleon into their homes as a pet because they do not know if they are dangerous. Bef...
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King Charles Yorkie (Mixture of King Charles Spaniel and Yorkie): Images, Information, Care, & More!
Height: 7 – 12 in Weight: 6 – 18 lbs Lifespan: 12 – 14 years Colors: White, Blue, and ...
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Khao Manee (Diamond Eye Cat) Breed Information: Images, Personality & Characteristics
Height: 10 to 12 inch Weight: 8-10 kilos Lifespan: 10-12 years Colors: White A...
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How to Keep a Cat Cool During the Hot Summer (Vet Answer)
We all adore the glorious summers, especially our kittens. During the hottest months of the year, cats are susceptible to dehydration, sunbu...
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How to take care of a Lionchu goldfish, with a photo gallery and information on its lifetime.
Lionchu goldfish, unlike Ranchu goldfish, have their tailfins attached to their bodies in a more central position. A second caudal peduncle ...
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