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Is it possible to keep geckos as pets?


Geckos may be found in the wild almost everywhere in the globe when the weather is pleasant. Tropical locations such as Hawaii and the Bahamas are the most typical locations for them. Not all geckos, on the other hand, can be found in the wild. These creatures are very popular as pets, particularly in the United States, and for good reason. Because of their placid demeanor and lack of hostility, geckos make wonderful pets for children. There are a variety of reasons why geckos make excellent pets. Let's have a look at some of them.

They Are Extremely Simple to Take Care Of

Geckos may live peacefully in a glass aquarium that is filled with soil, tree branches, pebbles, wooden caverns, and imitation foliage for them to explore and enjoy. To keep things bright and pleasant throughout the day, a heat lamp is all that is required, and a heat mat is all that is required to keep the ground warm during the night. Almost any species of bug may be fed to these creatures, and they need nothing more than a bowl of water to keep themselves hydrated; no misting is required for these animals to survive.

They Appear to Take Pleasure in Being Handled

Geckos seem to like the attention and handling they get from their human friends. At the very least, they are not bothered by physical contact. They are never hostile and would happily spend time sitting on a person's hand or shoulder rather than attempting to flee, as wild geckos would do in the wild. This makes them a good choice as a pet for younger children who do not have much experience with animals or who are not ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a dog or cat.

They have the ability to live for an extended period of time.

The lifespan of these little creatures may reach up to 20 years, making it essential to make a long-term commitment when obtaining one as a pet. However, there is no need to tell to a youngster that their favorite pet has died since their gecko is likely to survive until they are in their twenties or thirties. Adults can also expect their gecko to be a significant part of their lives for many years to come, rather than having to worry about losing the pet after only a few years.


They Have a Stylish Appearance

An further reason why geckos make excellent pets is because they are visually appealing. They have the appearance of scaly scales, although they are smooth to the touch. When they look at a person, they have large, alert eyes that seem to emote in some way. Geckos are now available in a variety of hues as a result of breeding for the pet business.

They may also alter their hue based on the colors that are presented in their surroundings as well. They may be green while in the presence of grass and foliage, but they may become brown when resting on a tree stump or rock.

They are generally well-nourished creatures.

Certain health issues, such as stomatitis and respiratory infections, may develop in geckos over time. It is crucial to arrange an annual examination with an exotic animal veterinarian to ensure that if an issue does arise, it is discovered and treated as soon as possible. The vast majority of geckos kept in captivity will never suffer from a significant health concern.

Last Words on the Subject

Geckos are entertaining, visually appealing, long-lived, and simple to care for. When you consider the prospect of having one of these creatures as a pet, what isn't there to like? Geckos are available for purchase at pet stores all around the world. If your local store does not have them, there is a good possibility that the next place you go to will have them. Ensure, however, that you have prepared a secure environment for your new pet to live in before bringing them into your house for the first time.
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