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Bearded Dragons as Pets: Are They Safe? 

 Can You Keep A Bearded Dragon As A Pet?

Potential bearded dragon owners often ask us, "Are bearded dragons excellent pets?" The idea of having a reptile is unusual for most people, so this is reasonable.

That's an unequivocal yes!

For a variety of reasons, bearded dragons make excellent pets. We've compiled a useful list to encourage you in the direction of having one of these amazing reptiles!

Bearded Dragons as Pets

There Is A Calm And Peaceful Atmosphere About Them

Bearded dragons are excellent pets since they are often calm and friendly reptiles.. Passive by nature, their demeanor tends to soften over time.

In contrast to other pet reptiles, beardies prefer socializing with their handlers. It is possible to let your bearded dragon out of its terrarium and let it roam about your house while you are there to supervise. You may even take your dog for a stroll outdoors with the correct leash!

When frightened or afraid, bearded dragons may bite, although this is rare if you treat them with kindness and gentleness. Even though they seldom hurt or cause bleeding, their bites nonetheless catch people off guard.

They may expect a long and healthy life.

Their lengthy lifetime is another excellent reason why bearded dragons are fantastic pets. They'll likely live for a long time if you give them proper attention.

In fact, they may live up to eight to fifteen years! So you and your partner will have more time to spend together and have fun.

Expert Advice: In order to extend your pet's life expectancy, make sure you provide them a comfortable living environment, feed them a nutritious food, and have them regularly examined by a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles. They will be able to have a long and healthy life if they stick to these rules.

Taking Care of Them Is Easy.

As a low-maintenance pet, bearded dragons are excellent companions for both children and adults on the road. Care for your bearded dragon is simple and low-maintenance after you've set it up with the proper temperature and illumination (like a nice UVB lamp).

Adult bearded dragons need a 55-75 gallon tank with a sturdy screen top. Smaller tanks may be used for juvenile bearded dragons, but they will soon outgrow them.

Make sure your bearded dragon is well-fed and well-hydrated. A wide range of insects, fruits, and vegetables appeal to these lizards; obtaining food to feed them is never a problem. In addition to that, much of the food they eat is reasonably priced!

Cleaning up after your bearded dragon is a piece of cake. All you have to do is spend a few minutes each day cleaning up any leftover food, providing fresh water to your lizard, and removing its excrement.

Keeping your reptile happy and healthy requires weekly cleaning of its tank. When compared to other types of pets, this one doesn't take a lot of effort to care for.

They’re Intelligent.

These lizards are highly clever, something many prospective owners don't understand until they're out shopping. If you spend time with them, they will recognize you and form a close bond.

Observing bearded dragons in different cages may also teach them new things. Even bears may be taught a thing or two! Training these lizards to come when called, get ready for food, and even walk on a leash may be accomplished with some perseverance and the proper method.

Intimacy Among Bearded Dragons Is a Possibility

Unlike cats and dogs, bearded dragons do express shows of affection for their owners, even if they aren't as obvious as other animals. The fact that bearded dragons are excellent pets in this sense is surprising to many people, who believe that reptiles lack the ability to be kind and express compassion.

When Beardies are brought out of their terrariums, they prefer to cuddle up against their owners' necks or chests to stay warm. It's very uncommon for dogs to fall asleep when snuggling up to their people for long periods of time!

Reaching this stage in your relationship with your lizard may take some time, but it is well worth the wait. Give your bearded dragon some time to become used to its new surroundings and to you as its new owner..

As soon as you enter the room, start singing or chatting to your lizard. It won't take long for them to identify your voice and realize you're not a danger. Eventually, they'll come to link you with things like food and fun!

Begin slowly increasing the amount of time you spend with your bearded dragon. Using a leash and harness, you may take it for a stroll around your yard to build a relationship without having to touch it directly.

Food For Them Is Easy To Handle.

If you recall from our previous discussion, bearded dragons like a wide range of meals. Since he isn't fussy, feeding time is a breeze.

The bearded dragon is an omnivore. Thus, both plant-based and animal-based diets are the norm for them. Young bearded dragons should be fed one to two times a day, while older beardies should be fed once a day.

Collards, mustard greens, chard, green beans, broccoli, parsley, dandelions, kale, cilantro, red or green cabbage, watercress, bell peppers, and even bok choy are all good choices for your bearded dragon's diet.

Mangoes, apples, pears, kiwis, melons, bananas (with or without the peel), guavas, tomatoes, star fruit, peaches, and grapes are all favorites of these lizards.

Bearded dragons, like other reptiles, prefer eating meat. You may give your bearded dragon crickets, spiders, mealworms, wax worms, earthworms, grasshoppers, moths, silkworms, and slugs, which are all good sources of protein.

Their Small Size Makes Them Suitable for Living in a Small Space.

Bearded dragons are small lizards, making them ideal pets for many people. They are tiny enough to fit in your house, yet large enough for young children to wield them without difficulty.

If you have a small house, bearded dragons are a great choice for a pet. Whether you live in a small apartment or a huge mansion, you may keep one of these reptiles as a pet.

The head and tail of a mature bearded dragon may reach a length of 12 to 24 inches. The lizard's tail makes up about a third of its total length. Males tend to be larger than females as they mature. As adults, they aren't very hefty (which makes snuggling easy).

In the first year of a bearded dragon's existence, the lizards develop at an accelerated rate, so if you have a young one, you may expect to observe quick growth.

To put it another way, they're not expensive.

Bearded dragons are a relatively low-maintenance option for a pet. You'll need to spend some money on a suitable lizard enclosure in the beginning. Setting up your bearded dragon's environment might cost anywhere from $200 to $600, depending on the quality of the terrarium, thermometer, and light source you choose.

A bearded dragon's terrarium is quite cheap to maintain once you have it set up. These lizards devour a variety of low-cost meals. The terrarium will need substrate, but this is often relatively inexpensive (or even free).

Bearded dragons, like other pets like cats and dogs, need regular visits to the veterinarian. Lizard owners will need to take their reptiles to a veterinarian, but their veterinary costs are likely to be cheaper than those of pet owners who own cats and dogs (we also recommend getting pet insurance to cover you if any surprises occur).

Watching Bearded Dragons Is A Pleasure.

Bearded Dragon

To learn that bearded dragons may be a lot of fun to watch may surprise you! In order to get your attention, bearded dragons may gallop around their habitat. It will be able to tell you if you're running a little late for dinner!

Beardies also like exploring their environment outside of their terrariums. Get your lizard a leash and harness and take it for a stroll around the yard or outside your house on a regular basis. It's never boring to watch these little creatures explore!

Additionally, bearded dragons love to swim. Your bearded dragon may enjoy a swim in a kiddie pool or a big plastic storage container.

Water should be warm and no deeper than your lizard's elbow or knuckles should be, according to the experts.

Bearded dragons like playing. When it's not in the terrarium, you may give it a few toys to play with, or allow it to play with them when it is. There are certain bearded dragons who like to play around with ping pong balls. Some cats may choose to play with a mylar cat toy, while others may prefer a crinkled-up ball of wrapping paper.

They are excellent family pets for children.

Children will enjoy having a bearded dragon as a pet. They're known for their calm demeanor and compassionate nature. Over time, children will be able to manage them and build a deep relationship with them.

It's simple to take care of them, but they do need frequent feeding, attention, and upkeep. It is possible to educate children how to care for a pet with a bearded dragon.

Taking care of a bearded dragon is a great way to educate youngsters about time management. Regular feeding, care, and cleaning of the cage are all important for the well-being of your bearded dragon.

They're Quite Attractive!

You can't deny how bizarre these creatures seem (especially compared to most common house pets). As a result, bearded dragons are an excellent choice if you're looking for an unusual pet. Bearded dragons come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, and yellow.

These reptiles are medium-sized and seldom grow more than a few feet in length. The wedge-shaped skull of the bearded dragon is covered in rows of scales. More scales may be seen in the neck. The lizard's name comes from its appearance when it puffs out, which resembles a beard (they can even make this beard turn black).

With four adorable and short legs, it has a flat body. The lizard's stomach is lined with a row of scales on both sides. The length of its tail is around one-half that of its body. In contrast to other lizards, a bearded dragon's tail does not fall off and regenerate when it is threatened.

Thoughts on the Ending

Many people find bearded dragons to be excellent pets. There are innumerable people who never imagined having a pet reptile, but now can't picture living without one!

These lizards are simple to take care of, intelligent, and a lot of fun to interact with. As a result, we believe that having a bearded dragon is a no-brainer.

Please email us any more reasons you believe we should include in this list. We're constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance the information we provide on our website, and any assistance you can provide is much appreciated!
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