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Is it a good idea to keep African Bullfrogs as pets?

One of the biggest frog species is the African bullfrog. Over 9 inches in length and over 3 pounds in weight, males of the species are possible. An interest in such massive frogs is understandable. However, are they suitable pets?

It's a bit more complex than that. African bullfrogs are often marketed as pets after being produced in captivity. They're simple to care for, and they're a lot of fun to watch. They, on the other hand, despise human contact. If you handle the frog too often, both you and the frog might be in danger.

An African bullfrog might be a suitable pet for someone who enjoys watching amphibian activity but doesn't want to get their hands dirty. Continue reading for more information.


An African Bullfrog is a kind of frog native to Africa.

The Pixie frog is another name for the African bullfrog. They are one of the world's three biggest frog species. Males may grow to be 9 inches long, while females are usually only 4 inches long. They may be found in the wild all throughout Africa.

They are carnivores that consume anything that moves, even their own young. Insects, rodents, reptiles, birds, fish, and other frogs make up their diet. Their jaws are powerful and their teeth are sharp.

The male bullfrog's croaking cry is notable for being very loud. You've undoubtedly heard the echoing thunder of a bullfrog's cry if you've ever been near a swamp where they reside. The African bullfrog emits sounds that are similar to those made by other bullfrogs.

Pets' Temperament

The African bullfrog is a lonely creature. They spend the most of their life in the wild, nesting on the ground between layers of their own shed skin. Because they live in a hot environment, this is how they stay cool. They usually come out of their subterranean lairs only during the rainy season. This is also when breeding takes place.

In captivity, their solitary tendency persists. They don't like it when they're touched, and it may even harm their sensitive skin. They aren't naturally aggressive, but they are capable of defending themselves if they feel threatened.

You must respect the space and need for isolation of an African bullfrog if you keep one as a pet. You should never disturb them when they are sleeping, burrowing, or hiding since it is bad to their health.

African bullfrogs may survive in captivity for over 30 years if properly cared for. If you want to keep one as a pet, be prepared to take care of it for a long time!

The Dangers of Owning an African Bullfrog as a Pet

When left alone, African bullfrogs are normally gentle. Problems might arise if they are angered or intimidated. Keeping and handling an African bullfrog has a number of concerns, including:

  • Biting: They have sharp fangs and powerful jaws that may cause injury to human hands.
  • Injury: The skin of the bullfrog is sensitive and readily injured. Handling your bullfrog might cause skin damage.
  • Escape: They have powerful legs and will attempt to leap away from your grasp. There have been several reports of pet bullfrogs being harmed as a result of falling after trying to escape.


Yes, African bullfrogs may be kept as pets if they are maintained in the proper environment. They are not intended to be handled as pets, though. Although they need a clean tank and food that is kept at the proper temperature and humidity, they are quite low maintenance.

In the case of an African bullfrog, which is a low-maintenance pet that may survive for many years, you could be on the right track with your search.

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