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Aquarium fish for the beginner: which ones require the least care?

Beginner aquarists sometimes decide to keep fish that are too demanding, and quite oftenu end up in a big failure. To avoid this, it is worth looking at which aquarium fish require the least care and which ones can “forgive” mistakes due to lack of experience. So, which fish can be a safe choice for inexperienced aquarium fishkeepers?

Betta splendens

This is a very ornate coldwater fish that is very comfortable in a relatively small aquarium. Although the males are more ornate than the females, it is important to be aware that they are prone to fighting (which is why it is not recommended to keep two males in the same aquarium). Roosters prefer frozen food, but plant foods can also be given.

Poecilia reticulata

The Guppy is a peaceful and friendly fish that gets along well with other aquarium fish species. Guppies can be fed dry food for aquarium fish, but will certainly not refuse live food.

This species of aquarium fish reproduces very quickly, so it is a good idea not to overdo the number of fish. Interestingly, male guppies are smaller than females, but they are more colourful and have larger fins.

Tanichthys albonubes

Cardinals are very popular aquarium fish that adapt easily to a wide range of living conditions. This species of aquarium fish can be fed both dry plant-based foods and frozen animal foods. Cardinals are most comfortable living in schools, so it is recommended to buy more than one fish of this species.

Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

The goldfish is a cold-water fish that is not very demanding and does not require special attention. This species of aquarium fish does not usually complain about its appetite, but its faeces can cause serious pollution (which is why it is recommended to install a good quality filter and to make sure that the water is changed frequently).

Although a goldfish tank can be quite small, it is important to be aware that the size of the fish itself will depend on the space available in the tank (if you want your goldfish to grow into a large fish, choose a sufficiently spacious aquarium).


Although not very demanding aquarium fish, Molinesia require a fairlyspacious (100-200 l) aquarium. Molinesia pates are usually slightly smaller than the females: adults are about 8 cm long and females about 12 cm.

It is useful to know that this species of aquarium fish does not like soft water, otherwise it may suffer from various diseases. Aquarium water should be filtered regularly and a fifth of the aquarium water should be changed once a week.

This species prefers both dry plant foods and frozen animal foods.


The Rasbora genus of fish is very comfortable in small aquariums and is really easy to care for. Rasboras prefer calm water with a temperature of 22-28 °C. Mature female rasboras are usually slightly larger than the males, and the males are brighter in colour.

It is recommended to feed Rasboras with dry aquarium fish food and occasionally supplement their diet with frozen daphnia or artemia.


The Green Swordfish (Xiphophorus hellerii) is a low-maintenance aquarium fish that is most comfortable with a conspecific partner.

Although green swordfish are not overly demanding fish, it is important to know that they need a sufficiently spacious aquarium (it is best to choose an aquarium with a lid and to take care of the aquarium’s vegetation and other decorations). Keep no more than three or four green swordfish per aquarium: more than this can cause the fish to fight with each other.

Princess of Burundi (Neolamprologus brichardi)

The Burundi princess (Neolamprologus brichardi) is one of the fish that is most comfortable living in a group of conspecifics. They can be aggressive towards other species: they are hostile to all fish that occupy their territory. If you want to keep Burundi princesses with other species, they should be the first fish in the aquarium (preferably if the old fish are much larger than the Burundi princesses).

In an aquarium, a Burundi Princess can grow up to 15 cm in length, so these fish need a fairly large aquarium.

Florida Heterandria (Heterandria formosa)

Floridian Heterandria (Heterandria formosa) is also ideal for beginners in aquarium keeping. These aquarium fish tolerate sudden drops in water temperature and changes in the pH of the aquarium water.

The Floridian Heterandria likes to hide among aquarium plants or in other hiding places, so it is recommended to provide plenty of decorations when setting up your aquarium. The most important thing is to ensure that the aquarium is not overcrowded, so it is best to keep Floridian heterandria in a sufficiently spacious aquarium.

Golden Tetra (Hemigrammus rodwayi)

The golden tetra is a relatively small (up to 5.5 cm long) aquarium fish that can be cared for by inexperienced aquarists. Golden tetras like to live in schools (6-10 fish), so they will need a fairly spacious aquarium (choose at least 70 l). Adult females are rounder than males, but the males have a distinctive feature – a white edge to the fin.

Golden tetras are peaceful and can get along with other fish in the aquarium. If you want to bring out the natural colouration of these aquarium fish, it is recommended to choose a dark substrate to create the desired contrast.

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