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Cockatoo: how to properly care for these exotic birds?

Kakadu (Cockatoo) – is a very social parrot that grows up in the wild and attaches to its partner and the parrot group, and when kept at home, it is happy to interact with all the family members. Cockatoos kept at home require a lot of attention, so you should consider whether you will have enough time to devote to this before you buy a parrot. If a cockatoo lacks attention, its behaviour can become destructive – the parrot can start to pinch very hard. It should be remembered that cockatoos are long-lived parrots with a lifespan of up to 60-80 years, so the decision to get one should be carefully considered.

Cage for cockatoos

The cockatoo is a large parrot that requires a lot of space, so its cage should be at least 80 cm long (ideally 120 cm). The length of the cage should be greater than its height, as cockatoos move mainly horizontallyo position. Attach a water bottle, a toy for the large parrots and a food dish in the cage. The location of the parrot’s cage is equally important. It is best to choose a place where family members are most often present, as the parrot will not feel isolated. This is also very helpful in developing the parrot’s preferred behaviour – if it is praised often enough, it will tend to repeat the same behaviour. Cockatoos need to be taught self-restraint from a young age – if your pet becomes particularly attached, it may not be able to be left alone.

Availability of cockatoos

Kakadu need quite a lot of space, so it is very important to let them into the cage regularly. Cockatoos are parrots that constantly need some activity. A parrot’s cage should always have toys in it, and it is recommended to change them regularly (you can buy a few toys that you swap every week or two – the parrot will feel like it is getting a new toy every time). Also the parrotA large tree branch can be placed or hung in the bird cage for the bird to rest its beak on. Cockatoos are real litterbugs – they just love to throw things around, so owners have to clean up more often.

Poor cockatoo behaviour

Į the name of these parrots is derived from the Malay word „kakatua“, which means claws in Lithuanian. The name is not given for nothing – the beak of the cockatoo is very strong, so these parrots pinch really hard. Some cockatoos tend to be territorial, so if you decide to clean the parrot’s cage, you may have difficulties. Cockatoo parrots are only suitable for people with a strong enough character, as this pet will certainly test the boundaries. If a parrot starts to nip, it is important to show that this is not desirable, otherwise the pet will repeat it the next time. Sometimes cockatoo parrots behave inappropriatelys just to get more attention. If you shout at a parrot to shut it up, it will surely shout along with you, and sooner or later your neighbours will start complaining about the noise.

Primate diet

Parrots are tool-eaters, so it is important to get them used to as varied a diet as possible from an early age – this way you can be sure that your parrot is eating a wide variety of food, not just a selection of seeds. It is best to choose a large parrot feed that includes a variety of seeds and cereal-based meats, but fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouted wheat or oats should also be given. Cockatoos are very fond of nuts, so these can be given as a reward for good behaviour. It is not recommended to give cherries or plums with pits to home-reared cockatoos, but once the pits have been taken in, this food is suitable (the pits contain substances that are poisonous to parrots). Parrots in captivity eat a variety of berries with pits, but they also eat certain clays, containing kaolin, – it acts as an antidote. However, not all seeds are to be feared – for example, courgettes, patisons or melons are fine with the seeds they contain. Cockatoo parrots should never be given bread, garlic, green potatoes, parsley, dill or other herbs. Neither should food from the table be given – sweets, salted or fried products. Even if you don’t notice any signs of illness, you may eventually develop chronic illness.Ms.

Most common cockatoo diseases

Farm-bred cockatoos are prone to fattening, so it is very important to ration their feed and ensure that they get plenty of exercise. If your parrot squats in its cage all day, you will naturally notice weight changes very quickly. Being overweight can make it difficult to breathe and can lead to joint, liver or heart disease. Benign skin tumours (lipomas) are often associated with being overweight, so try to maintain

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