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How can I teach my puppy to do natural things outside?

If you have a young puppy at home, you’re probably wondering how to train him to do his natural business outside. The frequent scooping of puddles and piles is really tiring, so the aim is to get your puppy outside as soon as possible. Be aware that this may require not only iron patience, but also a little effort – only then will you be able to enjoy great results.

Provide patience

The first month can be very challenging, so be patient. You may have to go outside 5 times or more, but it’s definitely worth a little effort. Puppies are not very good at defecating after sleep, so watch when your pet wakes up and be prepared to go outside. Most of the time, these walks last only a few minutes, but they should be planned often enough. Ideally, you should take at least a week’s holiday (while still drinkingoutside, but bear in mind that the bladder of small puppies is much weaker than that of adults. If you ignore the signs your pet is showing you, the next time it will simply crouch down and do its natural business in the place of its choice.

Don’t be alarmed if an accident happens

If your puppy has run errands at home, you should not scold or shame him. Often dog owners think that puppies understand what they are being punished for, but this is not strictly true. A raised tone from the owner is in itselfThe name is not pleasant, so it is natural for the puppy to cower or show other signs of „shame“. You can be sure that even a very „guilty“ pet will repeat the same mistakes later on, so don’t put him under stress and just clean up his mess. However, it’s different if you catch your puppy at the scene of the “crime”. If you find your pet spinning its wheels sniffing the floor, that’s a pretty clear sign that it’s time to go outside. Don’t wait for anythinguos, and will therefore be inclined to repeat the behaviour next time. However, sometimes owners have the problem that the dog only sniffs the ground but does not dare to crouch down to do its business, and then leaves the puddle when it gets home.This problem is quite easy to solve – when entering the field, do not walk excessive distances, but choose a relatively small area of ground (for example, 2 x 2 m) where you encourage the pet to do its business in the open air. Later, you can introduce a command to hornYou will be able to do natural things faster: this will be useful not only when your pet is being trained to defecate outside, but also when your dog is an adult (sometimes there is not enough time to wait for your dog to find a suitable place).

Forget the sheets

Although most dog breeders first try to get their pet to defecate on a pallet, this is a disservice: it often takes a long time to get the puppy used to the outdoors, and pallets can also be associateds and other soft surfaces. This is why a pet can start urinating and defecating on the carpet, sofa, etc. Although a potty can be useful when the puppy is still very young and has not had all the necessary vaccinations, it is a good idea to remove the potty later. However, if you think that training the puppy to do natural things on a pallet is the best way to go, you can try different attractants. Don’t forget to praise the puppy if it defecates in the designated area!

A cage can help

Sometimes it’s hard to know when a pet wants to go outside, so a cage can be a really good option in certain situations. Most dogs try to keep their personal space clean, so they don’t toilet in their cage. When the puppy goes to rest in the crate, you can be sure that there will be no “accidents”, but watch when the puppy wakes up and take it outside then.

Some puppies learn very quickly that natural things are only allowed outdoors, while others take a little longer, so keep your hand in and you will get great results.

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