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How long do guinea pigs live? Your answer is here

Numerous individuals love pet ownership. The guinea pig is a popular pet in many families. Families find them to be kind and the ideal small pet, particularly around youngsters.

Despite their little size and less finicky attitude, they need the highest care and attention to grow. These are gregarious animals that like to be around by humans or other guinea pigs rather than live alone.

guinea pig

Life Expectancy of Guinea Pigs

To begin, it's critical to understand a few basic facts regarding guinea pigs before purchasing one as a pet. A critical area is lifespan. How long does it live a guinea pig to mature? Many pet owners are curious as to how long they will appreciate having them around.

Guinea pigs typically live between five and seven years. Longevity, on the other hand, varies according on a few variables. They may live up to 10 years under ideal conditions. It is fairly rare for guinea pigs to live for an extended period of time, providing delight and memories for the whole family.

Nonetheless, as a pet owner, you must commit to its care from the start. Under ideal conditions, the payoff is a longer lifespan.

Ways to live the Life of Guinea Pigs

The following are few methods for extending the time you get to spend with these cuddly friends:

Appropriate Living Conditions

A guinea pig spends the most of its time in a cage in your house. However, this is not any cage. If you want your pet to live a longer life, it requires a safe enclosure that is pleasant. Only family members have the ability to open and shut it, ensuring the guinea pig's safety.

A safe cage is critical in a household with other pets, such as dogs. Dogs have been known to attack guinea pigs, particularly if they are not raised together. Therefore, the first step in ensuring its longevity is to get a secure and comfy cage to keep it safe.

Additionally, the cage's size is critical. Avoid purchasing a little one that the guinea pig will quickly outgrow. The best is large enough for your pet to run about freely. The more space your pet has, the longer it will live happily.

Materials for Grinding Teeth

It is not unusual to see guinea pigs repeatedly chewing on various items in the wild. The same is true at home if you get them as pets. To grind down their teeth, they need straws or uncoated wooden blocks.

If not properly controlled, guinea pig teeth may grow rather long and become extremely unpleasant. The animal becomes unable to consume anything, resulting in hunger. As a result, the pet's teeth must be ground.

The most effective method is to allow it to grind down on certain materials. As a result, you must supply these items for your pet. Additionally, there are chew toys that may be a better alternative for them, extending their lifespan.

Delectable Cuisine

When a guinea pig is allowed to live in its natural surroundings, it consumes an abundance of fresh food. The same must be true when it comes to pets. As an owner, a constant supply of fresh food must be at the top of your list of priorities for effective care and maintenance.

The good news is that you probably already have a variety of foods that these little critters adore. For instance, you may offer them the following:
  • Carrots Kale Spinach Romaine Lettuce
  • Peas Tomatoes Broccoli Bell peppers
  • Cucumber and Carrots Consumed by a Guinea Pig
Leafy green veggies are the greatest nutrition for them. They consume them while they are young and hence live longer. They provide the guinea pig with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, just like they do for you.

You may offer your pet some fruits, but make sure there are plenty of veggies available, as well as some hay or straw. Fruits feature a high sugar content, making them more suited for little nibbles of specific vitamins. That is an excellent method for extending their lifespan.

However, there are some items that you should never give your guinea pig. Indeed, every member of the family must understand this from the start in order to prevent a fatality. These include the following:

  • Potatoes \Seeds
  • Chocolate \Garlic
  • Cabbage \Meat \Mushrooms
  • Avocado
  • Products derived from milk
  • Nuts
  • Lettuce iceberg


Guinea pigs, as previously said, are sociable animals. That is, when they live alone, they do not flourish. Therefore, after you have one, consider purchasing another to keep each other company.

Naturally, guinea pigs need a favorable environment in order to grow. While change may be beneficial to you, it might be stressful for your little companion. They despise distinctions, and simply shifting their cage might enrage them.

As a result, if you want your pet to live longer, you must maintain a consistent routine and add another companion. Living alone in a cage is not enjoyable and may get rather lonely. Even when toys are included, it is not the same as having a friend.

Additionally, you may not have enough time to entertain them owing to job and other responsibilities. As a result, the best course of action is to find them a buddy. Prolonged isolation may result in death from loneliness.

Appropriate Bedding

Proper bedding is vital in a cage, much more so when there are several guinea pigs present. The ideal material is absorbent, ensuring that your dogs remain dry and comfortable throughout. Then develop a practice of often changing your bedding to minimize discomfort.

Wet bedding might result in a slew of complications. To begin, your buddies feel uneasy and frightened due to the damp surroundings. Second, it is an ideal breeding habitat for parasitic organisms such as fungus and bacteria. This suggests that illnesses are just a matter of time.

As a result, you must take all necessary precautions to keep the cage dry, so safeguarding the health and well-being of your pets. Special feeding troughs and water tubes may be used to avoid spilling on the new bedding.

Vet Visits on a Regular Basis

Guinea pigs, like any other pet, need regular health examinations to maximize their lifespan. Even if you do not see any symptoms of sickness, it is important to do a wellness check. This way, you'll know when everything is normal and when anything is wrong and requires immediate attention.

After recording all the many strategies to extend your pet's life, it's critical to observe end-of-life indicators.

How to Tell if Your Guinea Pig is Dying

Nobody hates to consider their pets  dying, yet it does happen. It is critical to recognize the signals and be prepared, rather than discovering it dead in its cage. Among the warning signals to watch for are the following:

Inadequate Appetite

Guinea pigs, in general, like eating. Most likely, you'll constantly discover your little companions gnawing on something. However, if you discover one has stopped eating, there is a problem. When guinea pigs are ill, they stop eating and might swiftly starve to death.

Issues with the Eyes

Have you seen any muck around your guinea pigs' eyes? They may have eye infections, which may quickly deteriorate in the absence of prompt treatment. Excess ammonia in the bedding causes eye issues, which may be lethal.

Inadequate Energy

Guinea pigs seldom remain motionless in reality. They like moving around and may be very entertaining to watch. However, when they seem sluggish, it is a warning that everything is not well. They seem to be lacking in energy, which worsens with time.


Your little companion appreciates grooming as often as possible. However, if your guinea pig seems untidy, it is no longer grooming. Once they cease, it indicates that something is amiss, most likely a skin condition.

Inadequate Bowel Movements

Because guinea pigs are constantly eating and drinking, they have frequent bowel movements. Another indicator of an unsatisfactory appetite is irregular bowel motions.

Additionally, you'll notice that their urine has a weird scarlet hue when they go to the restroom. Having blood traces in the urine is a major red flag.


As a pet owner, having some guinea pigs will bring immeasurable pleasure and happiness into your life. These little critters are brimming with vitality and never fail to bring a grin to your face. However, if you want them to live long enough, you must look after them properly.

Make it a point to meet their requirements from the start. Additionally, stay on the watch for any indicators of impending death.
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