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Is a hedgehog nocturnal? Can they see in the dark?

Hedgehogs are often amusing and energetic pets that provide their owners with hours of entertainment. However, these endearing creatures are nocturnal by nature. As a result, their day often begins about the time you eat supper.

Numerous hedgehog owners have reported hearing their hedgehogs playing and scuttling about in their cages throughout the night. Because hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, many people believe they can see at night. However, experts continue to dispute this subject, and it is not entirely obvious if hedgehogs have adequate night vision.

Continue reading for further critical facts regarding the hedgehog's nocturnal lifestyle, eyesight, and ability to see in the dark that every hedgehog keeper should be aware of.

hedgehog nocturnal

The Hedgehog's Nighttime Activities

Hedgehogs are seldom seen awake during the day. In the environment, hedgehogs often forage and hunt for food at night, when their natural predators are unable to detect them. This natural trait is also present in farmed hedgehogs. Even though they are not need to seek for food, they remain active at night.

What Does a Nighttime Hedgehog Do?

A pet hedgehog often awakens in order to begin seeking for food. As a result, it is critical to have fresh food available at the moment a hedgehog awakens. Hedgehogs are insectivores, which means they feed on a wide range of insects.

You may surely give various insects to a pet hedgehog, including mealworms, earthworms, and crickets. However, nutritious hedgehog feed is also available. While certain fruits and vegetables are harmful to hedgehogs, these creatures may often enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as treats.

The following is a partial list of fruits and vegetables that hedgehogs may consume as treats:

Treats for hedgehog 

  1. Apples \Berries \Melons
  2. Beans
  3. Leafy greens
  4. Cucumbers
Hedgehogs, too, will have a lot of energy to expend once they awaken. They are explorers at heart, particularly in tunnels and subterranean burrows. There are many methods to replicate these natural environments.

One possibility is to acquire tunnels and tubes. Additionally, you may create your own mazes using cardboard boxes.

Hedgehogs also like burrowing, which is why they benefit from having a refuge or nest box filled with shavings under which they may burrow. Additionally, they may engage in a fun game of seeking sweets inside these places.

Due to hedgehogs' high level of activity, they may also benefit from an exercise wheel in their cages.

Are Nighttime Hedgehogs Noisy?

In a nutshell, hedgehogs are rather vocal at night. If a hedgehog is caged, you will almost certainly hear rattling as it travels about. Additionally, you may hear rustling sounds if the cage contains any form of shavings. Additionally, regardless of how quiet exercise wheels are, you will hear some noise from them.

Additionally, hedgehogs emit a variety of sounds. When they are happy and healthy, you may hear them grunting and snuffling as they investigate and search for food. Additionally, they are loud eaters, which means you will hear them munching throughout mealtimes.

Are Hedgehogs Capable of Being Awake During the Day?

Hedgehogs sleep an average of 18 hours every day, which means that once they're done with their evening antics, they'll be sleeping for an extended period of time. A healthy hedgehog that receives sufficient activity sleeps throughout the day and awakens in the evening. However, in certain situations, a hedgehog may awaken throughout the day.

To begin, hedgehogs' sleep may be disturbed if there is an excessive amount of bright light in their habitat. Hedgehogs like to sleep in dimly lit areas and often burrow underground to escape direct sunlight. Hedgehog owners should first ensure that their pet's cage is in a light place and that there are sufficient hiding spots inside the enclosure for the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs will also awaken if there is an excessive amount of noise. They are also solitary animals, which means they prefer alone. As a result, their cages should be kept away from loud sounds and activities. They'll do better in an often unoccupied guest bedroom than in a bustling living room.

Temperature also has an effect on the sleep cycle of a hedgehog. They will struggle to sleep if the temperature is too high or too low. Hedgehogs thrive at temperatures between 74°F and 76°F.

Finally, it is not uncommon for hedgehogs to awaken when they are hungry. Typically, they will awaken, consume some food or drink some water, and then go back asleep. As such, a handful of dry snacks should be kept in their cage in case they want their own "midnight snack."

Is it Possible for Hedgehogs to See in the Dark?

Hedgehogs possessing night vision is a point of contention since further study and proof are required. Some say hedgehogs have greater night vision than they do during the day, while others believe they have just as bad eyesight at night as they do during the day.

Due to the fact that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, their vision is not a problem. They are excellent at hunting and detecting insects using their ears and nose, which means they can live without relying on their sight.

Natural habitats for hedgehogs include regions with thick wild grass. They frequently weave about at the grass's base, which means they can't depend on their vision as much since it is obscured in such an environment.

Is the vision of hedgehogs good?

Hedgehogs have been shown to have weak vision. Outlines of things and hazy silhouettes may be seen using their eyes. Their hearing and sense of smell take precedence over eyesight in this regard.

Additionally, hedgehogs are unable to perceive as many hues as humans are able to. They perceive predominantly browns and creams, but may also notice some yellows and blues in their vision.

Final Thoughts

As long as their sleep patterns are in sync with their owners', hedgehogs may be wonderful pets. When they're awake, they're very energetic animals that can keep their owners entertained for hours at a time.
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