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Why do domestic cats bring prey back to their owners?

Sometimes the behaviour of domestic cats can seem strange to us. However, the unexpected and graceful leaps, runs, loud meows, etc. usually make their owners laugh. After all, many people like cats for their unpredictable behaviour and energy. However, there are certain aspects of this behaviour that people find difficult to understand. For example, when a cat brings prey to its owner. We want to explain to you why domestic cats do this. Don't scold these animals for nothing.

Reasons why domestic cats bring prey to humans

Zoologists explain that this behaviour is perfectly normal. There are several reasons why domestic cats bring prey to their owners.

The social aspect

All cats are quite social animals. This is true not only for the large wild species, which form groups with a clear hierarchy, but also for the ordinary cats we see in our homes or on the streets. In this case, domestic animals see you as part of their society. To assert their role as the leader of a small gang, cats bring captured animals into the home to show who is the main benefactor and provider.


Because a fluffy cat thinks of you as a member of its family, it tries to take care of its "foster". The cat sees that you do not hunt and, as unpleasant as it may sound, in its eyes you are a loser. It brings you food.


If a cat brings you prey that is still alive, but only slightly tortured, it probably wants to teach you how to hunt. This is also evident in her relationship with the kittens. A mother cat often does this to show her offspring how to do it properly. Their hunting skills then improve quickly. Similarly, the cat prepares the kittens for independent living.

Maintaining their skills

Kittens can hunt for no reason at all, as domestic cats have no need for food. Of course, they only do this because of their hunting instincts, not out of hunger. And, of course, your pets will be sure to bring you prey to show you their skills. Even funnier is when furry little balls get an inanimate object in their teeth. For example, a small pet manages to catch a tree leaf in the street. This also helps him to keep in good physical shape.

What to do in cat brings you a "gift"?

Do not scold the animal and do not take the dead prey from its mouth. The cat will be very offended and will no longer want to hunt for you. If you want to get rid of the "gift", it is better to do it gradually. For example, put the animal and its prey in another room and close the door. After a while, let the cat out, but do not take away its "toy". It is best to praise him for his skillful hunting. In general, try to show your gratitude to the pet, otherwise it may think that you do not value its efforts. Also, do not forget that the cat does this completely unconsciously. It does not understand that we do not always need its help.

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