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14 tips on how you can spoil your pet cat!

A cat is not a toy in the home, but an animal that needs constant care. Cats need not only good nutrition, but also space to play and lie down.

Here are some tips to make your cat’s life more comfortable.

Cat hammock under chair

Take a rectangular piece of fabric, sew the fasteners onto the ends and attach under the chair about halfway down the leg . You will have a comfortable hammock that your cat will love.

Toy in a brunch box

The lunchbox makes a great toy for curious cats.

Make two or three holes in the lid, don’t forget to mould the edges to prevent the cat from hurting its feet, and put a few balls in. Now your cat will have something to do.

Cat tent

It will become your cat’s favourite place, and it’s very easy to do. You will need a couple of wire hangers and an old t-shirt.

Attach the hangers to the base at a distance apart, drag the t-shirt on top of the hangers so that the neck is in the front (the cat goes in and out).

Cat food

Usually special bowls are bought for pets, but cats may think there is not enough food and rush to eat.

To stop your cat rushing, put the food in a large flat bowl in a thin layer. It is convenient to store the food in a plastic container.

How to get your cat away from the keyboard without getting angry

For some reason, cats think that the keyboard is their rightful place and they must be chased away from it constantly.

To avoid unnecessary conflicts with your pet, simply place a shoebox on your desk and the cat will watch your work with interest from there.

It’s good to lie on the grass!

It’s easy to make a little corner for nature lovers in a small tray by stretching a grass mat over it.

How to protect furniture from cat claws

Despite declawing, many cats continue to tear up furniture and wallpaper. Squares of carpet glued to the boards will be a good solution if they are hung on the wall.

How to clean the house of cat hair and fluff

Cat hair and fur accumulates not only on the keyboard but also in other hard-to-reach places. A mustard or ketchup nozzle attached to the vacuum cleaner will help get rid of them.

Cat litter tray

If you are prepared to sacrifice a bookshelf for your pet, you can build a special tower to train him.

Cut holes in the bookshelf about half the width of the bookcase, arranged so that the cat can jump from one level to another. Alternatively, you can simply mount several boards at different heights on the wall.

How to hide a cat’s toilet

Cats don’t like to do their business in public. To hide a cat’s litter box, you can use the bottom compartment of a cabinet with a separate door.

Remove the door and hang the curtains. This way the cat will feel comfortable and the toilet will not be visible to everyone.

Cat brush

Some cats like to be brushed, others do not.

To allow your pet to brush itself at any time, make a simple combing machine by attaching the Bottle Cleaning Brushes with a bow to a base covered with cloth.

How to make an indoor cat toilet

Take a large enough box and cut a hole that is comfortable for the cat (work the edges to prevent scratching). The cat will feel more comfortable in this toilet and the litter will not smell.

Original cat toy

Toilet paper rolls can be used to make a great cat toy. Put the rolls firmly in the shoebox and your cat will have something to play with.

How to protect toilet paper from your cat

What cat doesn’t like to play with toilet paper! Attach a regular food bowl to the roll holder for easy opening and closing and to protect the paper.


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