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7 signs that your dog really loves you!

Understanding other people can be difficult. But understanding pets is even harder because they are unable to express their feelings in words.

However, a pet’s behaviour and body language give a lot away. You just have to learn to pay attention.

What are the behavioural and habitual traits of a dog that help you understand that it really loves its owner?

Your four-legged friend adores you if

1. Comes and goes to bed with you

Even if the owner forbids him to go to bed, the dog often ignores him. If this happens, don’t think that the pet is trying to offend or showing bad manners. Like any loving creature, it just wants to be closer to the object of its affection.

2. Be calm when you leave the house

Confidence is one of the traits of love. When a dog is in love, he watches you calmly at the door. And that means he trusts you. The pet knows that you won’t leave him and that you’ll be sure to come back.

3. Glows with joy when you come back

But when you come home, a loving petis usually in a hurry to meet you. Differences in reactions can arise due to the age of the dog and the nature of individual breeds.
Younger dogs start to jump, frolic and bark, while quieter and calmer breeds wag their tails, waiting for your caresses.

4. Comes to you as soon as he has eaten

Once all its vital needs have been met, your pet is eager to do what it likes best. If the dog wants to spend this time with you, puts its head on your lap and asks for attention, this is a clear sign of affection.

5. Constantly takes your things away

It is also not worth scolding an animal for a similar habit. A dog loves smells and places great value on them. After all, these animals are many times better at distinguishing smells than humans.
Therefore, a pet that is attached to its owner simply needs to smell its owner’s scent as often as possible. As a last resort, you can give your pet an old, worn-out item to avoid damaging the new ones.

6. Bringing you their favourite toys

Such generosity simply doesn’t lastmean nothing but love. In addition, a dog will not play with someone it does not trust and will not give that person the ball.

7. Can look at you for a long time

If you try to look into someone else’s eyes, they will turn away within seconds. A dog’s trusting and open gaze during a shared pastime is the surest sign of warm feelings.
A dog loves selflessly. The animal is so attached to its owner that it suffers and walks around with its tail down, even when separated for a short time.

Before getting a dog, remember that independence and loneliness only harm the pet. It is impossible to deprive a dog of its desire for attention, but it is certainly worth teaching it to be independent.

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