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Abyssinian cats

Country of origin:

Wild (ruddy), blue, cocoa (fown) and red (sorrel)

4-7 kg

14-15 years

Other names:


Abyssinian cats are very playful and remain active throughout their lives. Although not the kind of cat that will curl up on its owner’s lap if the owner wants it, the Abyssinian cat is sure to be a cat of character.The saying that a cat likes to walk on its own does not really apply to Abyssinians – they need the attention of their owner. Abyssinians get along well with all members of the family, and are happy to play with children or even sleep with them.This cat breed is ideal for people who want an active and friendly pet at home. Abyssinian cat fanciers will agree that for one cat of this breed, you can only get better… two.

History of the breed

The origin of the Abyssinian cat is still not entirely clear, but it is believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds. The name is derived from the ancient Ethiopian – Abyssinia.The breed shares many common features with cats considered to be ancient Egyptian, and is therefore thought to have its origins in ancient Egypt. One legend says that the King of Abyssinia gave the Pharaoh a cat of unusual beauty and a regal posture. This cat loved people, and had a very important mission to protect priceless papyri in libraries from rodents. The Abyssinian cat was first mentioned in a book in 1874 and first appeared in cat shows in 1883. The first Abyssinian cat arrived in North America in 1900. The first Abyssinian cats were bred with the British Shorthair, and later with the Eastern Shorthair. Long hair was often seen in Abyssinian cat litters, which led to the identification of another cat breed, the Somali cat.

Abyssinian cat appearance

The Abyssinian cat is of medium size, normally weighing between 4 and 7 kilograms.The body of this breed is elegantly slender, muscular and flexible, with a slightly curved back. The tail of the Abyssinian cat ends in a darker tip, the eyes are large and the ears – erect. The head is broad, the nose has a slight concavity and the chin – prominent. The ears are large and pointed, not on the top of the head, but low on the temples. The almond-shaped eyes are reminiscent of those of Pharaoh cats and can be green, yellow or amber. The coat of Abyssinian cats is short and fine, each hair having two or three darker stripes, so that it appears to glow in certain lighting. This breed comes in a variety of colours, but only four are recognised: wild (ruddy), blue, cocoa (fawn) and red (sorrel). Although abyssinians can also be lilac, silver or chocolate, these are not universally recognised. The authentic colour of Abyssinian cats is considered to be wild.

Character of the Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat is very active, playful and friendly. She enjoys interacting with her owner and can get along with other pets. It is true that a dog Abyssinian cat will accept a dog better than any other cat  after all, there is only one favourite who can reign and dogs… Abyssinian cats can be taught certain tricks – like fetching a ball. This breed will feel good only if it gets enough attention from their owners– they will be sure to see you off to work, greet you when you get back, and ask for pets and games. Abyssinians are best suited to active and sociable people.These cats won’t get angry if you have guests in your home,

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