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Acquisition of a hamster

If you decide to buy a hamster, there are several species to choose from, each with its own character traits and subtleties. It is therefore worth looking at the different types of hamster before making a final decision on which one you want to buy. It is best to buy a hamster directly from a private breeder or amateur breeder. However, most people tend to buy their first hamster from pet shops. The reason for buying from private breeders is that they usually plan the breeding carefully. You can therefore expect to buy a strong, healthy hamster with a good character. Buying a hamster from a private breeder also gives you the opportunity to see the parents of the pet you are planning to buy and to find out its date of birth.

Buying a hamster from a pet shop

In pet shops, you will buy a hamster that is likely to come from a commercial hamster breeder. Sometimes pet shops accept surplus hamsters from private breeders or unplanned litters from private breeders. When looking for a pet for saleIn the case of a pet, you may not be able to get enough relevant information about the animal. If you buy the wrong animal, you may have a lot of problems with its breeding. It is therefore important to spend enough time and attention to choose a hamster that is healthy and of good character.
Advice before buying a hamster:

Remember that hamsters do not live long and it will not be easy for you to say goodbye to your hamster if you get too attached to it. It is therefore better to buy a young hamster that is easier to tame. It is important to know the sex of the hamster. If you decide to keep two hamsters without knowing their sex, you risk having a litter of unplanned pets.

You can buy a hamster very cheaply, but it costs more to keep it. You will need a cage, bedding and food. You will also need to clean the hamster’s cage regularly and pay attention to socialising and playing.
If you have more animals in your home, you will need to introduce them to your new pet. Cats and dogs are a threat to your hamster, so do your best to protect it.

NepamiPlease note that hamsters are nocturnal and active at night. During the day, it is better not to disturb the animal if you think of playing with it. This will only make it angry.

As there are different types of hamsters, you should choose a pet that suits your needs: whether you want to keep several hamsters or whether you want a hamster with a cheerful character.

When choosing a hamster, you will probably want the cutest one in the shop, but look out for signs of the hamster’s health and possible ailments. First of all, it is important to check the hamster’s eyes – they should be clean and bright. The hamster’s nose should be clean and free of any discharge or signs of discharge. The animal should also not look thin, as plump and round hamsters are the happiest and healthiest. Finally, make sure that the animal’s coat is shiny and dense. Hamsters are very clean creatures, so any sign of matted fur is a sign that something is wrong.

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