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Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Black, brown, tan, silver, grey

Serious, lively, adventurous, playful, curious, self-confident, stubborn, courageous

25.5-30.5 cm

4-6 kg

13-15 years

Other names:
Affenpinscher, Monkey Terrier, Monkey Dog, Affen dog

Yes, does not bark (There are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs, but a hypoallergenic breed may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all. Read more about allergies in dogs here)

Litter size:
2-3 puppies

Affenpinschers are sometimes called monkey pinschers – they look very much like monkeys because of the hair on their head and the expression on their muzzle. They are small, coarse-haired dogs, characterised by alertness, perseverance and loyalty to their owner. The Affenpinscher seems to have no regard for its small stature – this pet is always determined to defend its master. Affenpinschers are excellent family companions who are eager to interact not only with adults but also with children. These compact dogs – are truly great companions at every turn, wanting to be as close as possible to their owners. They are well adapted to living in small houses and travelling is usually not stressful for them – after all, it’s not about where you are, but about the company you keep!

History of the breed

The Affenpinscher – is a fairly old dog breed, at least 500-600 years old. Similar dogs were depicted in paintings from the 15th to the 16th century, suggesting that the breed existed even earlier. They are the first dogs to have a „monkey’s muzzle“ and the Affenpinscher is considered to be the ancestor of the Belgian and Brussels Griffon. Interestingly, the Affenpinscher was also used to breed the larger sized dog breed – the Mittelschnautschnauzer. It is thought that there were two sizes of Affenpinscher in the past, but only the small ones have survived. Although they are very brave, the Affenpinscher is too small to be a working dog.Today, the Affenpinscher is just a great companion. The first Affenpinscher was registered in the studbook quite late – only in 1879, and became most popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the breed has retained its popularity, but in Lithuania Affenpinschers are a real rarity.

Affenpinscher: appearance

The distinctive features of the Affenpinscher are considered to be its luxuriant, slightly bushy eyebrows, impressive beard and moustache. The expression of the muzzle is very similar to that of a monkey, which is why the Affenpinscher has been named so (in German, „Affen“ means monkey). The height of these dogs at the withers is between 25,5 cm and 30,5 cm, and the weight is between 4 and 6 kilograms. The body of the Affenpinscher is sturdy, square and compact. The back is short and firm, with an almost straight topline from the withers to the rump. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs and the thighs are very firm and muscular. The skull is round, the forehead is domed with a distinctly accentuated line. Eyes are round, dark (light eye colour is considered a disadvantage). Ears are high set, tapering forward, triangular. Tail of medium length, not prehensile, may be sword or sickle shaped. Coarse, short fur, dense undercoat. Available in several colours – black, brown, tan, silver, grey. Black is the most popular colour.

Aphenpinscher: character

Pinschers are affectionate and love to be with their family. This breed can live in their own house or in an apartment. Affenpinscher are rather quiet pets, barking only when necessary. They are lively and confident dogs that are eager to be trained. It will not be difficult to learn the basic dressage commands, but it is important to get started early. The only suitable training for Affenpinscher is

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