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Afghan hound (Afghan hound)

Afghan Hound

Country of origin:

Domestic, guard dog, hunting dog

Various colours

Cheerful, playful prankster, loyal, agile, very independent, proud, difficult to train

63-74 cm

23-28 kg

11-14 years

Other names:
Beluga greyhound, Afghan hound


Litter size:
6 – 8 puppies

Afghan Hounds are sweet, agile and playful dogs who love human company. They are distinguished from other dog breeds by their elegance and dignity. In the West, this breed is bred for its beauty alone, which the Afghan Greyhound certainly does not lack. However, it should not be forgotten that this is a hunting dog that would rather chase squirrels than lie on the sofa! In the 1920s, the Afghan Hound earned a bad reputation: in the 1970s, the breed was often an accessory for ladies, and was therefore labelled as a nice but stupid dog. However, breeders of Afghan Hounds will agree that this is a truly intelligent pet that impresses with more than just its looks.

History of the breed

Biblical legend has it that the Afghan Hound is the dog that can be considered the ancestor of all dog breeds. Whether this is true or not, we will never know, because there are no reliable sources to prove or disprove it. According to historical sources, greyhounds have been bred in the Middle East for a very long time – around 5000 years ago. Many years ago, Afghan Hounds were already assisting in hunting and doing so completely independently, because humans are simply not as fast as greyhounds.The first representatives of the breed arrived in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century with English soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan. In the 1920s, Afghan Hounds came from England to the United States of America. The breed soon gained popularity and in 1926 the Afghan Hound Fanciers’ Club was founded, and the breed was officially recognised several decades later in 1961. In the 1970s, Afghan Hounds became „accessories for ponies due to their gracefulness , at that time Afghan Hounds were kept for their beauty alone. As they did not lend themselves to conventional training methods, they were considered to be not very intelligent dogs.

Afghan Greyhound: appearance

Afghan Hounds – impressive looking dogs.They are extremely graceful and elegant quadrupeds, reaching a height of 63-74 cm at the withers. Females are usually smaller and shorter than males. The body of the Afghan Greyhound is long and stocky, the paws bony, the legs long and muscular. The head is wedge-shaped and the occiput is very pronounced. The forehead is flat and rather broad. The muzzle of the Afghan greyhound is long and the jaws very strong. The tip of the nose is usually black, but a dark brown nose is acceptable in lighter coated dogs. The eyes of this breed are dark, sometimes with a golden tinge, slightly oblique and oval in shape. The tail is low-set, rather long, and the tip is curled into a ring. The ears are low-set, drooping, covered with silky-fine fur. The coat of the Afghan greyhound is long and fine, with a hair texture very similar to that of a human (sometimes with split ends). The colour of the fur may be silver, grey, black or blackish brown.

Afghan Greyhound: character

Afghan Hounds are quite independent dogs. This breed is very confident and willing to make their own decisions, so they can only be led on a leash when chasing a cat or other prey.

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