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Akita Inu

Country of origin:

Domestic, guard dog

Red, tawny, white, tiger, sesame

Calm, affectionate, intelligent, clever, courageous, loyal, extremely devoted to his owner, an excellent watchdog,   sometimes stubborn and likes to dominate

61-71 cm

34-45 kg

10-15 years

Other names:
Akita In, Japanese Akita, Japanese Akita Inu


Litter size:
7 – 8 puppies

Akita Inu – spectacular-looking dogs that are considered the national dog breed in Japan. It is a very old breed of dog that has had many uses over the years: Akita Inu dogs used to protect emperors, take part in dog fights, pull sledges, hunt large animals, etc. In Japan, it is customary to send statuettes of the dogs to those who are sick and have a newborn, as a way of wishing them well. Akita inu – is a breed that is popular all over the world, including Lithuania. They are intelligent and affectionate dogs, but they are not suitable for beginner dog breeders – Akita Inu dogs can be quite aggressive if they are not properly trained.

History of the breed

A few centuries ago, a Japanese nobleman was exiled to the northern Japanese island of Honshu, where the winters are very cold and snowy. Here, the nobleman set himself the task of breeding a hunting dog that was large, strong and hardy enough to withstand the cold, and the Akita Inu was born. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this breed of dog was highly valued as a hunter of various large animals, such as bears and wild boar. It was not only the wealthy who could keep dogs of this breed, which made the Akita Inu dogs very popular. The care of Akita Inu dogs was shrouded in ceremony and a special dictionary was even created to discuss them! Although dog fighting was quite a popular pastime, it was banned in 1908. In 1919, Akita Inu dogs were recognised as a national treasure of Japan. After the Second World War, a number of military personnel from Japan brought Akita Inu dogs to America. Since then, Akita Inu dogs have spread to the USA.

Akita Inu: appearance

The Akita Inu is a rather large and sturdily built dog. Males are usually larger than females. Males are between 66 and 71 cm tall at the withers, while females are usually between 61 and 66 cm tall. The weight of this breed can range from 34 to 45 kilograms. Straight, strong back, high chest. Straight, long, large-boned legs. Head in proportion to the body, broad forehead with shallow furrow. Muzzle broad, conical. Nose black, rather broad. The noses of white Akita Inu may be brown. Ears small, erect, with rounded tips. Dark, small, deep-set eyes. Highly erect tail densely furred, spiralled and curled on the back, rather long (straight tail reaching the heels). The Akita Inu can be red, fawn, white, tiger or sesame coloured. The coat is straight and coarse, the undercoat very dense and fine.

Akita Inu: character

The Akita Inu is an intelligent but stubborn dog that often likes to dominate. Timely socialisation and training from an early age is important. this breed is only suitable for experienced dog breeders, and training can be quite difficult as the owner must be quite strict and consistent. The Akita Inu quickly loses interest, but once taught certain commands, it remembers them even after many years. If trained properly, the dog will become obedient and restrained, loyal and devoted to its owner. Akita Inu dogs are considered to be excellent watchdogs, and in Japan they sometimes play the role of “nanny” to children. If the dog is socialised, it gets along well with children, including those in the house

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