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American Akita (American Akita)

American Akita

Country of origin:

Domestic, guard dog

Marga, fawn, red, white, kershaw

Friendly, noble, dignified, alert, watchful, brave, understanding, independent

61-71 cm

32-59 kg

11-15 years

Other names:
American Akita


Litter size:
7 – 8 puppies

The American Akita was formerly known as the large Japanese dog, but was eventually recognized as an American breed. The American Akita is larger and chunkier than the Japanese Akita Inu. It is a very self-confident dog, with independence and guardedness.This breed is very distrustful of strangers and cannot tolerate other dogs in its territory, so it would like to be the only dog in the family.The American Akita can live both indoors and outdoors.The breed’s dense coat means that it is not afraid of frost.

History of the breed

The ancestors of the American Akita – the Japanese Akita, which was used to hunt various large game (wild boar, deer or even bears).The Akita was brought to the USA after the Second World War, when military officers brought the dogs back from Japan. The Japanese Akitas were crossed with German Shepherds and Mastiffs, which led to the creation of another breed of dog. The first Akita Club in America was founded in 1956 (it was a closed club with only 11 members and about 30 Akitas), and the American Kennel Club recognised the breed a little later in 1972. From 1973 onwards, Akitas from Japan were no longer shipped to the USA for breeding. At that time, Akitas bred in the USA did not yet have their current name. In 1998, Japan demanded that the Americans give a new name to the Akitas bred in the USA, so two independent breeds were separated – American Akita and Akita-inu.

American Akita: appearance

The American Akita is a large-boned, massive dog. Males are between 66 and 71 cm tall at the withers, females between 61 and 66 cm. Males weigh between 45 and 59 kg, females are slightly smaller and can weigh between 32 and 45 kg. The thorax is deep and broad and the abdomen is retracted. The tail is thick, spiral and raised above the back. The shoulder blades of the forepaws are strong and oblique, the angles of the joints of the hind paws are rounded. The head of the American Akita is large and the muzzle is often described as bear-like. The ears of the American Akita are triangular, medium-sized and erect. The eyes are rather small, deep and dark. Unlike the Japanese Akita, the coat of the American Akita can be of any colour. The coat of this breed can be medium or long. It is true that the long coat of the American Akita is not recognised in dog shows. The coat is dense, stiff and very soft. The fur on the crest of the thighs is longer than on other parts of the body. The undercoat is dense, soft and stiff.

American Akita: character

The American Akita is a very stubborn dog and should be trained early. Setting boundaries from an early age will help to avoid behavioural problems in the future. Proper motivation is important during training – no coercion should be used. Only positive training is appropriate for American Akitas. Although the American Akita is a stubborn and independent dog, it is very attached to its family. Interaction with other animals is usually too intense, but American Akitas get along well with children. American Akitas can play with children for hours! Of course, this breed should not be left alone with children – due to its large size, the dog may not want to hurt children. Freedom is very important to the American Akita. this breed does not like to be tethered or confined to a cramped enclosure. Ideally, if you have your own yard where the dog can run around, t

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