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American fat-eared cats

Country of origin:

Varied, most common colours – cream, lilac, red, black, chocolate, blue

4-5 kg

14-15 years

Other names:
American Curl

American Curls, – a relatively new breed of cat that has only been around for a few decades.Interestingly, kittens of this breed are born with straight ears, and by about the fourth month of life, the ears are covered. This cat breed is quite rare and therefore highly prized. In addition, the American Curl cat is extremely healthy and long-lived. They are truly wonderful pets, suitable for families with young children and single people alike. American Curl cats are affectionate, gentle, intelligent and easy to train. They are easy to care for and are ideal for beginners.

History of the breed

Joe and Grace Rugg, who live in California, had no pets and no plans to get one, but fate played a prank on the couple. In 1981, they found a small cat, about six months old, at the front door. The discovery was very unexpected, as was the cat’s appearance – it had a semi-long black coat and thick ears. The couple decided to take the cat in and named her Shulamith. When the shelter produced four kittens with floppy ears, Joe and Grace Rugg thought that this could be the start of a new breed of cat. Shulamith is now considered the pioneer of the American Curl breed. One of her offspring was given to Joe’s sister, Esther Brimlou. The cat, named Mersedes, later also produced offspring with curled ears. It took only a couple of years for these cats to attract more interest from cat lovers – the American fat-eared cat was first introduced at the American Cat Show in 1983. In 1986, the first standard for the American Curl was described in the “Cat Book” (the standard was based on the characteristics of Shulamith, the founder of the breed). However, the breed did not gain general recognition until later – since 1993 they have been allowed to take part in international Cat shows. In Lithuania, the first time we could see the American Curl was at a show in 2004. The first cattery in our country was registered in 2011.

American Curl: appearance

The American Curl cat is of medium size, usually weighing between 4 and 5 kilograms. The body of this breed is graceful and elongated, the legs are of medium length and the gait is very graceful. The head of the American Curl cat is small and characterised by fine lines. The eyes are oval, rather large and may be of different colours. The distinctive feature of this breed is its thick ears, which must not be too much or too little pricked. The coat of this breed is silky in texture and can be long or short. The fur on the tail is slightly longer and the tail resembles a whisker. The coat colours can be very varied, the most common colours being cream, lilac, red, black, chocolate and blue.

American Curl: character

American Curl are very gentle and affectionate cats who get along well with all members of the family, including children. For American Curl, the arrival of guests at home is often like a celebration, because they know that they will receive even more attention. They are relatively calm cats and do not meow unnecessarily or seek attention at any cost. They are willing to get along with other cats and can also get along with dogs. American fat-eared cats are quite active pets – although they love to curl up on their owner’s lap and snooze, they are not averse to playing.

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