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American Eskimo Dog (American Eskimo Dog)

American Eskimo Dog

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Mouth: white, cream

Alert, watchful, friendly, playful, intelligent


Miniature up to 30 cm
Miniature 33-38 cm
Standard over 38 cm

4-10 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
American Eskimo Spitz, American Eskimo Dog, Eskie


Litter size:
American Eskimo Dogs are also known as American Eskimo Spitz. They are small pets that are simply adorable in appearance. However, the character of this breed is just as impressive – American Eskimo Spitz dogs are easy to train and easy to get along with. The breed gets along well with both people and animals. If you have other pets at home, such as a dog or a cat, you can rest assured that an American Eskimo dog will get along with them. American Eskimo Dogs are also good with children and do not show any aggression towards them. They are small dogs that are usually calm at home and can therefore be kept in small apartments. They are easy to care for, so American Eskimo dogs can be suitable for beginners.

History of the breed

It is thought that the American Eskimo may have descended from the German Spitz, but it is also suggested that the ancestors of the American Eskimo may have been Samoyeds. The first American Eskimo dogs were larger than the present-day dogs and were bred to protect people and property. The breed gained the most attention when it began to appear in circus acts (around 1920). The various circus acts with these dogs were a great way for breeders to sell out their breeding stock faster. After the Second World War, the breed was still quite popular. The breed was formed in the 19th century, but only gained recognition relatively late – only in 1995. Unfortunately, to this day not all kennel clubs recognise the breed – it is simply stated that these dogs are too similar to the German Spitz. In 1969, the first club for this breed was founded. These dogs are very popular in America, but in Lithuania – a real rarity.

American Eskimo Dog: appearance

American Eskimo dogs are divided into three sizes: they can be miniature, small or standard. Miniature American Eskimo dogs are less than 30 cm tall, small – 33-38 cm, standard – over 38 cm. The weight of these dogs, depending on the size, can range from 4 to 10 kg. The American Eskimo Spitz looks very much like a Samoyed – it is like a miniature version of these dogs. The greatest pride of the American Eskimo Spitz is its fluffy medium-length coat, which can be white or cream in colour. The coat is double-layered – the covering hair is fluffy, loose to the body, of medium length and the undercoat – soft and dense. The neck and chest are adorned with a collar of longer fur, and the tail, covered with dense fur, is kept curled behind the back. The dense fur also covers the small triangular ears. The muzzle of the American Eskimo is pointed, the eyes are medium-sized, slightly pointed and dark. The build is sturdy and compact.

American Eskimo Dog: character

American Eskimo dogs are playful and adaptable. Although the breed is no stranger to mischief, it is more often amused than annoyed. If socialised from an early age, these pets are very friendly with children and animals. With early training, excellent results can be achieved – American Eskimo dogs are eager to please their owners and want to make them happy.This breed often takes part in circus performances – they are happy to learn various tricks, which they perform with gusto. It is also possible to try out

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