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American Shorthair

American Shorthair Cat

Country of origin:

Black, brown, cream, blue, grey, silver, brown, red, red and white

4-6 kg

15-16 years (can last up to 20 years)

Other names:
American Shorthair

The American Shorthair has a strong and muscular body, but also elegance and grace. it has been bred for centuries and is one of the most popular cat breeds not only in America, where it originated, but also around the world. interestingly enough, these cats can come in more than eighty different patterns and colours, and if cared for properly, an American Shorthair can live for around twenty years or even longer! This breed of cat is perfect for people who want a rather calm pet – the American Shorthair cat is rather quiet and reserved, but very cuddly and friendly.

History of the breed

It is said that cats did not exist in North America until the 15th century – they were introduced by Europeans. Since then, for several centuries, Americans have kept cats to help keep rodents and other pests away, as well as for companionship in the home. For a long time, these cats were not given any name, but they were very similar to the American shorthair of today. It is said that the predecessors of this breed of cat came to North America from England with the immigrants from that country. In the early twentieth century, the number of imported cats increased significantly and they were crossed with native cats. This is what helped to strengthen and preserve the American cat breed. The British Shorthair could be said to have become the American version of the British Shorthair, as the British Shorthair crossed with native cats took on a new appearance. American Shorthairs were one of the first five cat breeds registered by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Today, the American Shorthair is one of the most popular cats.

American Shorthair Cat: appearance

The American Shorthair cat weighs approximately 4-6 kilograms. It has a large to medium-sized, chunky body. The chest is broad (especially in males) and the shoulders are well developed. The bone structure is moderately strong and the muscles are very firm. The legs are of medium length, muscular, with rounded paws. Tail of medium length, thick at the base, tapering towards the rear, rounded at the tip. The tail is normally held at dorsal height. The head of the American shorthair cat is large and elongated. The muzzle resembles a square. Ears rather far apart, medium-sized, with rounded tips. The eyes are rather large, slightly oblique, their colour always depending on the colour of the fur. The fur is short, close-fitting and shiny. The undercoat is soft and fluffy, becoming denser during the cold season. Available in a variety of coat colours, except chocolate. American Shorthair cats are very similar to British Shorthairs but differ in size – British Shorthairs are smaller.

American Shorthair Cat: character

American Shorthair cats are gentle, friendly and very playful. They make friends easily with strangers and a wide variety of animals, and are happy to interact with other cats and get along with dogs. Aggression is not a characteristic of this breed. Children are also acceptable company for American Shorthair cats and are usually very gentle with them. They are quiet cats and are certainly not obtrusive in their meowing or demand for attention. It is true that the American Shorthair does like attention, but if the owner is in a bad mood, they will not come out and demand to play. For toys, the American Shorthair Cat is not very picky – a wine bottle cork and a wad of paper are perfect for this. American Shorthairs are happy to play with family members and guests alike – they appreciate everyone’s attention.

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