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American Toy Terrier

American Toy terrier

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

White and brown, black and white, tricolour: white, black, brown

Alert, watchful, intelligent, loyal, clever, hardy, stubborn, friendly, playful

24-26 cm

2-3 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
American Toy Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier, Amertoy


Litter size: American Toy Terrier – a small dog that was bred for hunting small rodents. It is one of the few dog breeds bred in America whose name is sometimes abbreviated (also known as the Amertoi). The small stature of the puppies was not an accident – they wanted the puppy to fit in a saddlebag. American Toy Terriers make excellent family companions and, because of their small size, can travel everywhere with their owner. Although they are rather stubborn dogs, they can become obedient companions if properly trained from a young age. American Toy Terriers are very attached to their family, but are quite cautious with strangers. This breed is an excellent doorbell ringer and will surely announce newcomers with a loud bark.

History of the breed

The American Toy Terrier was bred from the Shorthaired Fox Terrier, the Leopard Terrier, the Manchester Terrier and the Chihuahua. Dwarf Pinschers are also believed to have been used in breeding. The original purpose of the breed was to catch various small rodents and pests, but they were also excellent companions who accompanied the riders wherever they went. The breed was first registered with the British Kennel Club in 1875. The first dog fanciers’ association for this breed was founded in 1949. Since 1970, efforts have been made to achieve universal recognition of the breed, but have not been successful – the American Kennel Club only recognised the breed in 2003. Today, the breed is quite popular – due to time constraints, dog lovers are choosing smaller and smaller pets that they can easily take with them. This breed is a real rarity in Lithuania.

American Toy Terrier: appearance

The American Toy Terrier is small but very sturdily built. The height of these dogs at the withers is 24-26 cm and the weight usually ranges from 2 to 3 kilograms. The shape of the head, when viewed from the front, resembles a triangle, in proportion to the body. Although the height of this breed is small, the legs are relatively long and straight. The chest is broad, the abdomen is retracted and the waist is relatively short. The eyes of the American Toy Terrier are large and expressive, dark in colour. The ears are V-shaped, spaced apart and erect. The tail is relatively long and is not clipped in European Union countries. The coat of this breed is short, close-fitting and shiny. Available coat colours: white with brown, black with white, tri-colour – black, white and brown coat.

American Toy Terrier: character

American Toy Terriers are said to have a very good sense of humour – these dogs often pull pranks to amuse their owners. American Toy Terriers are generally active not only outdoors but also indoors, so this breed is only suitable for people who want a fairly mobile pet. American Toy Terriers are very playful and do not refuse to play ball or other fun activities. Training an American Toy Terrier can be quite challenging, but turning it into a game will definitely lead to great results. If socialised and taught basic commands at an early age, there should be no behavioural problems. These small pets are eager to learn various tricks – the most important thing is that the activities are fun and motivating enough. The intelligence of American Toy Terriers is quite high, so the potential to learn different commands is really high. Socialized pets get along well with children and g

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