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American White Shepherd

White American Shepherd

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, shepherd


Energetic, self-confident, friendly, closed, alert, fearless

55-65 cm

35-40 kg

10-14 years

Other names:
American White Shepherd, White Canadian Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd Dog


Litter size:

The American White Shepherd looks very similar to the German Shepherd Dog, but what distinguishes these dogs is their colour (white is not allowed in German Shepherds). The White American Shepherd is a courageous and alert dog that is very attached to its owner and is willing to follow the commands given by its owner. Like German Shepherds, White American Shepherds are easy to train and can make excellent service dogs if trained properly. If its owner’s life were hanging in the balance, the White American Shepherd would do anything to save it. Such a dog may be the ideal choice for active people who want a loyal companion.

History of the breed

White Shepherds have been around the world for thousands of years, but it has taken a long time for the current known breeds of dog to emerge. In 1890, Max von Scheffanitz decided to try his hand at cynology and started a breeding programme for German Shepherds. Nine years later, he visited a dog show and saw a dog that surpassed all his expectations.This dog was rechristened Horand von Grafat by Max von Scheffanitz, and it was this German Shepherd that was the first to be mentioned in the breed registration book. During this period, the focus was not on the appearance of the dogs, but on their working qualities, and it was on this basis that individuals were selected for breeding. Horand von Grafat inherited the white gene from his grandfather, and for this reason his offspring were born white. At that time, white was as acceptable a colour for German Shepherds as any other: in the 20th century, German Shepherds of all colours were exhibited at shows in America, Great Britain and elsewhere. Adolf Hitler was the first to declare white an undesirable colour and the breed standard was changed in 1959. However, in America, there was a desire to preserve these dogs and in 1964 the White American Shepherd Club was founded. Although these dogs are known throughout the world, they are not recognised by all kennel clubs.

White American Shepherd Dog: Appearance

The White American Shepherd is a medium-sized dog. The height of males at the withers is 60-65 cm, females between 55 and 60 cm. The weight can vary from 35 to 40 kilograms. Body length is slightly greater than height at withers. The head is large, wedge-shaped, tapering from the ears to the tip of the nose. The forehead and muzzle are of approximately the same length, with a slight hump. Ears are high, medium-sized, erect. Eyes medium-sized, almond-shaped. Teeth large, scissor bite. Back straight, muscular, chest long and rounded, abdomen moderately retracted. Tail sword-shaped, covered with dense hairs. The distinctive feature of this breed is its white coat. The top coat is rather long, dense and coarse. The coat is slightly longer at the neck, forming a “collar” (this is particularly characteristic of males). The undercoat is dense and soft.

White American Shepherd: Character

The White American Shepherd is a versatile and intelligent working dog. They are quick to learn new tasks and excel at obedience, herding, agility, tracking, and many other canine sports. With their loyal and protective nature, they make excellent family pets.

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