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A muzzle is not only necessary for an aggressive dog.

We all know that dogs don’t like muzzles, but all dog breeds must wear them. No one can be sure of a dog’s behaviour, so only a muzzle can ensure the safety of others.

Choosing a muzzle for your dog is not difficult, but you need to know what types of muzzle there are, what they are used for, etc. Your dog will only be comfortable with a muzzle that allows him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue freely. This keeps the dog cool. If the muzzle clamps too tightly around the dog’s jaws, it may suffer from heatstroke on a hot day or during training.

A metal muzzle that rests heavily on the chin when the dog opens its jaws is not very comfortable. Such muzzles can cause severe abrasion to the puppy’s chin. A suitable muzzle does not cut into the eyes or pinch the tip of the nose. Attention must be paid to the attachment.

Many have a strap that fastens with a plastic clasp or buckled behind the ears. However, you should not leave your dog alone with such a muzzle, as it can easily take it off with its paws and endanger others. It is therefore preferable to choose a muzzle with an adjustable forehead strap that fits snugly around the dog’s head and holds it firmly.

When choosing a muzzle, try to choose one that is easy to fasten and easy to adjust.
Below we will describe all the different types of muzzles, their functions, and how they can be worn, so that you can choose the right muzzle for your puppy.

Networked leather and plastic muzzles

For flexible and calm dogs, a mesh muzzle made of leather or plastic is sufficient. Plastic muzzles, although light and comfortable, are not suitable for dog racing. The plastic can crack on impact or in the cold.
Leather muzzles, although more expensive, are stronger and last longer. Bags made of thin leather strips look nicer, but solid leather muzzles are more durable.

Network meta muzzles

In summer or in plus temperatures, you can put a mesh metal muzzle on your dog. When it is below freezing outside, it is not advisable to wear them as the dog’s teeth or tongue may stick to the metal. Even metal structures with a leather pad inside will not prevent this problem.

Heated muzzles are more expensive, larger and heavier. The foam used as a warming agent protects your pet from severe cold. However, this type of muzzle is not suitable for warm weather walks, as your puppy’s muzzle can get cold.

The double metal muzzle net is suitable for dogs that like to pick up treats from the ground. If you have chosen such a muzzle, pay attention to the front mesh: its windows must be vertical. If they are horizontal, the dog may break a tooth trying to grab or bite something.

Only metal muzzles are suitable for vicious dogs, as they are the best protection for all roundnkids.

Single leather muzzles

Owners often buy one-piece leather muzzles for their pets. Unlike mesh leather baskets, these keep the dog in shape and prevent it from being aggressive. It is advisable not to use this type of muzzle during training and in the heat.

Many trainers keep the dog muzzled for longer periods of time, as this improves the development of the dog’s mane and bite. A one-piece muzzle made of thick leather is ideal for this purpose. The leather should preferably be double-layered, wrinkle-free and have strong fasteners.

Other types of muzzles

There are a variety of muzzles available for all situations, for example, a vet uses a loop muzzle. However, a dog should not be left unattended with such a muzzle, as it may slip out of the muzzle or suffocate.
Nylon muzzles with an adhesive strip are suitable for dogs that do not want to be picked up, e.g. on public transport or when walking in a park where there are lots of people.

Although Pet shops have muzzles for all dog breeds, but to avoid wasting money, bring your pet along. This way, you can choose the right muzzle and ensure a calm and safe walk not only for your dog, but also for those around you.

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