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Argentine Great Dane

Country of origin:

Domestic dog


Affectionate and friendly with his own kind, cheerful, loyal, watchful, combative, active

60-68 cm

35-45 kg

10-12 years

Other names:
Argentine Dogo, Argentine Dogo


Litter size:
8-10 puppies

Argentine Dogo – a very athletic dog, sometimes also called Argentine Mastiff. It is the only recognised breed of dog originating from Argentina. These dogs are characterised by their white colour and athletic build. The Argentine Mastiff is not for everyone. This breed is friendly and non-aggressive towards people, but can be difficult to control or even dangerous when placed in the home of irresponsible owners. Although Argentine Danes are affectionate and loyal to their owners, they do not always get along well with children and pets. Such a pet is not suitable for beginner dog owners – raising a dog will require both knowledge and skills. In addition, they are very active dogs that need sufficient exercise.

History of the breed

The Argentine Mastiff was bred by two Argentine brothers, Antonio and Augustin Martinez, who were keen hunters. The Argentinians wanted to breed dogs that would be excellent companions, guardians and hunters. The breeding included a wide variety of dog breeds: Border Collies, Spanish Mastiffs, Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes and Pointers. The result of a long period of work has lived up to expectations – the dog breed that has been bred has been characterised by infinite courage, endurance and strength. Although the new breed of dog did please hunters, it soon gained a bad reputation because the Great Danes were used in dog fights (which were very popular in England). They were fierce fighters and therefore began to be feared. The Great Danes were added to the list of aggressive breeds and very strict requirements were imposed on breeders. In 1928, Antonio Nores Martinez described the first breed standard for the Argentine Great Dane. After his death in a hunting accident, his brother Augustin continued his work. It was thanks to him that the breed was recognised by the International Federation of Cynologists in 1973. The breed is not very popular in Lithuania – in 2016, there were only 30 Argentine Danes registered in our country.

Argentine Mastiff: appearance

The Argentine Mastiff is a graceful and very muscular dog. The height at the withers of males is usually between 60 and 68 cm, and that of females between 60 and 65 cm. The ideal weight for males is between 40 and 45 kg, females being slightly smaller and lighter. The head of the Argentine Mastiff is massive and the jaws – very strong. The eyes may be light or dark brown, almond-shaped. The ears are high, far apart, and are not clipped in European Union countries. The chest is broad and deep, the skin of the neck is slightly rounded. The nose is black, large and broad. The cheeks are broad and flat. The bite is usually reptilian, but a scissor bite is acceptable. Tail is high, sword-shaped, thin and long (up to the ankles is allowed). The front and hind legs are strong and sturdy, long. Paws large and rounded. Coat short (usually 1,5-2 cm long), smooth and shiny, without undercoat. Only white coat colour is allowed.

Argentine Great Dane: character

Although it is often assumed that the Great Dane is an aggressive dog, this is not true. As a rule, the breed is friendly with people and reacts calmly to strangers. However, if the owner is threatened, the Great Dane will react quickly. The Great Dane is tolerant with children, but it is important to educate and socialise the dog from a young age. Argentine Danes are easy dogs to train, but can be a bit stubborn.

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