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Artua Norman Artesian Basset

Artua Normandy Basset Hound

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, hunting dog

Brown and white, black and white, tricolour

25-36 cm

14-16 kg

13-15 years

Other names:
Norman Artesian Basset, Basset Artésien Normand


Litter size:                                                                                                                                                                 4-6 puppies

Artua Norman Artesian Basset

The Artesian Basset – is a hunting dog that has been used for hunting with firearms since ancient times. The Basset Hound’s short and sturdy legs allow it to chase game even out of very dense thickets that may be impenetrable for long-legged dogs. The Artua Normandy Basset Hound is quite noisy and tenacious, and is still highly valued by hunters today. Although the breed is indispensable for rabbit hunting, the Artua Normandy Basset Hound is also an excellent family companion, very attached to all members of the family and eager to interact with visiting guests.

History of the breed

The Artois Normand Basset is one of the six recognised Basset breeds.The breed originates from the regions of Artois and Normandy, where it was known as early as the sixteenth century (very similar dogs are depicted in paintings of the time).Interestingly, in the eighteenth century, the breed was not only present in its native France, but also in the United States of America (a number of the breed were bred by the US President George Washington). Napoleon III was also a great admirer of the dog breed – he kept the Artois Normande Basset Hound throughout his lifetime. The Artua Normandy Basset Hound was bred to hunt rabbits and other small game, and often hunted with other breeds of dogs or alone. The breed was first exhibited in 1863, and the first fanciers’ club was founded eleven years later. The current breed name was only given to the dogs in 1924, but the breed was recognised earlier – in 1911. The description of the standard for the modern Artois Normand Basset Hound – thanks to the French cynologist Leon Verrier.

Artua Normand Basset Hound: Appearance

The Artua Normandy Basset Hound is a small dog: the height at the withers is between 25 and 36 cm and the weight is usually around 15 kilograms. The back is firm and long, the chest is oval and well developed, and the length of the body is normally twice the height at the withers. The skull is dome-shaped, with a well-defined occipital tubercle. Ears are low set, long, never above the eye line. Eyes large, oval, sad, penetrating gaze. Eye colour must match the coat. Nose large, black, with open nostrils. Neck short, slightly wrinkled. Tail rather long, thick at the base, tapering towards the back. The coat is short, may be tri-coloured (brownish with black and white) or bicoloured (brownish with white).

Artua Normandine Basset Hound: Character

The Artua Normandy Basset Hound is bold and determined when hunting, but is very friendly and gentle at home. The breed is very appreciative of the attention of its family members, and is willing to interact with children. Although the Artua Normandy Basset Hound sometimes greets guests quite noisily, it always welcomes pats and shows no aggression. it can get along with other dogs in the house, and if it has been raised with a cat since it was a puppy, it will get along with it very well too. As a hunting dog, it is not recommended to keep rodents or birds in the house, as the Artua Normandy Basset Hound may consider them as prey. Early socialisation and basic training should be provided for this breed – the Artua Normandy Basset Hound learns quite quickly and willingly, but needs to be properly motivated. The owner of such a dog should have a strong character, but should be calm and consistent enough.

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