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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Bandog

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, bandgany

Blue with black, brown or red spots on forehead. Red coat colour with blue, black and brown spots is also available.

Energetic, bold, active, playful, affectionate, loyal, unpleasant with strangers

43-50 cm

15-20 kg

11-12 years

Other names:
Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler


Litter size:
1-7 puppies

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog, also known as Australian Cattle Dog. This breed is very agile, hardy and alert. The beauty of these dogs’ appearance is captivating for almost everyone, but the Australian Shepherd’s temperament is equally admirable. They are very brave dogs that are always ready to carry out the tasks entrusted to them. If the Australian Shepherd is trained from a young age, you can be sure that they will behave in a truly exemplary manner. Australian Shepherd Dogs are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, and are happy to participate in a wide range of joint activities, but would prefer to be the sole pet and darling of the family.

History of the breed

The Australian Bandogs – the result of a long history of breeding. The dogs, with their diverse characteristics, have been bred for around 60 years. The breed’s history began in the 1830s, when the wild Australian Dingoes were crossed with Collies.The result was a dog that grazed the herds reasonably well and barked rather sparingly. A decade later, two more mottled blue-furred Collies were crossed with a Dingo and the litter that had most lived up to expectations was retained. Experimental breeding continued, with Dalmatians and Bull Terriers being included in the breeding programme, but the result was not what was expected. The Australian Shepherd was established in 1893: these dogs could defend cattle for long distances, and rough, stony roads were easy for the dogs to negotiate. Later, it was discovered that Australian Shepherds are not only talented herders of livestock, but also excellent companions and family friends. The first breed standard was described by Robert Kaleski (1903).

Australian Cattle Dog: Appearance

The Australian Bandog is a medium-sized dog: males are between 45 and 50 cm tall at the withers and females between 43 and 48 cm. The skull is broad, with a slight concavity between the ears. The muzzle is of medium length, the ears are spaced apart, may be small or medium in size, and the tips are pointed. The neck and shoulders are muscular, the forelegs straight and parallel. The tail is rather long, hanging low. Eyes oval, dark, always alert. The coat of the Australian Shepherd Dog is straight, coarse, of medium length, with a short and very dense undercoat. Coat colour – blue with black, brown or red spots on the forehead. Red coat colour with blue, black and brown spots is also possible.

Australian Cattle Dog: Character

The Australian Shepherd is characterised by its inexhaustible energy. This breed is always in need of activity, as a bored Australian Shepherd may engage in destructive activities. The Australian Shepherd often takes part in various dog sports competitions and enjoys learning tricks and general obedience. Early socialisation and basic dressage are essential. The Australian Shepherd is quite cautious with strangers, but if properly trained, it can be an excellent home guardian. The Australian Cattle Dog does not always get along with other animals, and may get along with older children. Small children may try to “herd” the Australian Shepherd, occasionally nipping at its leg, so this is not safe. If the dog is not handled properly, it can bite.

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