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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, shepherd

Available in a variety of colours: reddish brown, marbled, and may also have white or brown spots

Active, affectionate, playful, intelligent, kind-hearted, obedient, protective

45-58 cm

20-30 kg

11-13 years

Other names:
Australian Shepherd


Litter size:
5-8 puppies

The Australian Shepherd is first and foremost impressive in appearance. Although it is often warned that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this is not true when it comes to Australian Shepherds. The breed has an excellent temperament – they are friendly to people and animals, very affectionate and easy to train. Because of their activity and willingness to work, Australian Shepherds can take part in various dog sports competitions and often become service dogs.Of course, it is the duty of every owner to take care of the socialisation and training of this pet.

History of the breed

The Australian Shepherd does not originate from Australia at all, as one might think when hearing the name of the breed. Cynologists believe that these dogs originated in the USA, where large herds of sheep imported from Australia were herded in the late 18th & early 19th centuries.These dogs were highly valued by ranchers and farmers as they were ears to the task at hand. Later on, the aim was to further improve the working qualities of these talented dogs by crossbreeding them with other sheepdogs. Border Collies, Collies and other sheepdogs are said to have been used in the breeding. There is another theory about the origin of the Australian Shepherd – they are said to have originated in the Basque region of Spain. Cynologists assume that these dogs were bred by local shepherds. However, it is known that the current Australian Shepherds originated in the USA. The Australian Shepherd became most popular after World War II. In 1966, the International Australian Shepherd Association was founded in California, and in 1977 the breed standard was adopted. The FCI (International Federation of Cynologists) registered the breed a couple of decades later in 1966.

Australian Shepherd Dog: Appearance

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog: the height of the male at the withers – about 55 cm, weight – about 27 kg. Females are slightly shorter and smaller – height at withers is about 50 cm and weight – about 23 kg. Australian Shepherds have a body length slightly greater than the height at the withers. The legs are strong and muscular, the paws oval and compact. When the dog is interested or excited, its ears are raised and slightly tipped forwards or to the side. The eyes are almond-shaped and may be blue, yellow or brown. Shepherds with blue or black marble eyes may also have a black rim. The teeth shall be large, white and shall number 42. The tail shall be straight, relatively short (not docked) and not longer than 10 cm. The coat is of medium length and density, straight or slightly wavy, and may be of various colours: reddish brown, marbled, with white or brown spots. The fur on the head, ears and forelegs is short and straight. The density of the undercoat varies according to the season, with Australian Shepherds developing a thick and dense undercoat in winter.

Australian Shepherd Dog: Character

Australian Shepherds are among the most intelligent dogs and are very easy to train. Usually just a few repetitions of the command are enough to get the dog to understand what is expected of it. Australian Shepherds love to learn new things, but the owner needs to be enthusiastic and sufficiently motivating. The breed is very affectionate and loyal, and values all members of its family. The Australian Shepherd is eager to play with children and gets along with dogs and cats.

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