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Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Blue (steel blue or grey-blue with many brownish spots), light beige, red

Active, lively, fun-loving, courageous, hardy, alert, persistent, loyal, steady, good companion

24-26 cm

5-6 kg

12-15 years

Other names:
Australian Terrier


Litter size:
2-4 puppies

Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is the oldest dog breed in its homeland. Courage and endurance are considered to be the most important qualities of these dogs. They are not only excellent companions, but also hard-working dogs, able to deftly catch mice and rats. The first Australian Terriers were introduced from Great Britain, first bred in Tasmania and then spread across the continent. Australian Terriers are very lively and active dogs that are characterised by their extraordinary courage. Although the Australian Terrier is a small, sweet-looking dog, don’t be fooled – it can be a real eater!

History of the breed

Australian Terriers were bred from a cross between a Skaiyan, a Kern, a Yorkshire and a Dandy Dinmont Terrier. The first Australian Terriers were brought to Australia from Great Britain in the early 19th century. The first dogs of the breed were kept at home to catch mice and rats – this task was handled well. Australian Terriers were first bred in Tasmania in the 1820s and were originally called Rough-coated Terriers. The first fanciers’ club was founded in 1887 and five years later the breed was given its present name. In 1903, the Australian Terrier took part in the Melbourne and British dog shows, and in 1958 the breed was recognised by the American Kennel Clubs.

Australian Terrier: Appearance

The Australian Terrier is a small dog: males are about 25,5 cm tall at the withers and females are slightly shorter than 25 cm. The weight of these dogs is about 5-6 kg. The body of the Australian Terrier is slightly higher than the height at the withers and the chest is deep. The legs are strong, muscular and the paws are small. The head is long and decorated with small triangular ears (the ears of four-month-old puppies should already be erect). The jaws are strong and the bite is scissor-like. The eyes are small, spaced apart and dark brown in colour. The neck is long, falling into the shoulder line. The tail must be two-fifths of the length of the body, held erect but not above the back (in non-European Union countries the tail is usually docked). The coat is coarse, approximately 5-6 cm long, double-layered and waterproof. The foreskin is short, soft and dense. The muzzle area is generally shorter than other parts of the body. Colours allowed: blue (steel blue or grey-blue with many brownish spots), light beige and red Australian Terriers have a lighter topcoat.

Australian Terrier: Сharacter

The Australian Terrier is a very inquisitive, brave and gentle dog that has no fear of strangers or dogs bigger than itself. They are very affectionate pets that appreciate the company of their owners and simply cannot stand being alone. If necessary, an Australian Terrier would certainly defend its owner and would certainly not ignore its small stature. If the Australian Terrier is socialised in time and given sufficient attention to training, you will have a pet that gets along well with children and animals. Australian Terriers are very intelligent and easy to train, so you can achieve really good results. One of the Australian Terrier’s biggest goals is to please its owner, so you can be sure that these dogs will be a breeze to handle. Although there are many complimentary things to say about these dogs, Australian Terriers do have one annoying characteristic – they love to shed.

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