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Good dog aviaries not only fulfil their basic functions, but can also blend in beautifully with their surroundings.

An aviary is a fenced-in area or a specially built structure for housing a dog. They are usually used for service and guard dogs. Each dog’s aviary needs to be chosen according to its size and the amount of time it will spend in the aviary. If the dog is let loose in the yard at night, then the aviary can be smaller, but if the dog is only taken out for a walk for an hour or two and spends the rest of the time in the aviary, then the aviary should be spacious and large.

Many dog lovers find that building an aviary is a relatively easy job: you just need to build 4 stakes and cover them with a net fence. But they are wrong. The construction of aviaries can be quite complex, as they have to provide all the conditions a dog needs and protect those around it from the threats they pose.

Aviaries do two things – they prevent the dog from running at will around the yard, but does not restrict your pet’s freedom inside the aviary.

Aviaries come in two types

Those with a platform (an area of grass or soil) where the dog can run around freely while doing its natural business. This is the type of aviary that owners choose when they are busy and cannot take their dog out regularly, or if they are going to breed dogs.

Not having a pitch. The advantage of this type of aviary is that the dog gets used to doing its natural business only outside the aviary.

The aviaries can be ordered from specialists who will make them according to the customer’s wishes. However, owners can also set up the aviary themselves. Here are the basic requirements for an aviary to make it comfortable for your pet.

Given our changing climate, it is desirable that at least part of the aviary has a wooden floor covered by a roof. The material shall be planed board with a fire-resistant impregnator. The flooring should bei raised at least 10 cm from the ground.

Other requirements:

The height of the fence must not be less than 1,8 m.

The size of an aviary without a platform shall not be less than 1,5 m x 3 m.

The door of the aviary shall have a latch on both sides and open inwards.

The roof of the aviary shall be gable or mono-pitched, sloping down towards the rear wall.

The fence enclosing the aviary shall be driven 40 to 70 cm into the ground.

In an aviary with a platform, the grass can quickly become dislodged and turn to mud when it rains. Therefore, the areas to be cleared should be gravelled or tiled.

If you have an aviary, you also need a kennel. Again, many owners build their beloved four-legged pet a house of their own making, no matter how, as long as it is handmade. However, the design of the kennel, like the aviary, must meet certain requirements:

The walls, floor and roof of the hut must be made of boards or similar materials. All walls are made in three layers with insulation in the middle. The insulation material may be poly-foam.

The walls, floor and roof of the hut are made of boards or similar materials. All walls shall be three-layered with insulation in the middle. Polystyrene foam or a layer of wood shavings may be used as insulation, glass wool is not suitable. The roof shall be made removable, if possible.

The dimensions of the kennel shall be such that an adult dog can lie freely on its side inside: for a bitch, 1,0-1,2 m long, 0,9-1,0 m wide and approximately 0,8 m high; for a male, 1,2-1,4 m long, 1,0 m wide and 0,8-1,0 m high.

The kennel should be positioned so that the entrance is on the open side of the aviary, with an entrance size of approximately 40 to 60 cm, depending on the kennel itself and the size of the dog.

The dog is not only a guardian but also a friend. Therefore, if it does not live with you at home, you should provide it with a comfortable environment outside.

A good aviary should not only fulfil its function, but also look nice and fit in with its surroundings. Therefore, spare no effort in creating a spacious, cosy and beautiful aviary for your pet.

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