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Country of origin:

Domestic, hunting dog

Beige, dark deer, brown, red, tiger

Alert, friendly, reserved, attentive, independent, sometimes likes to be left alone. Also agile, energetic, quick-tempered, cautious with strangers.

57-73 cm

15-25 kg

12-13 years

Other names:
Tuareg ground squirrel, Azawakh


Litter size:
4-6 puppies


Azawakh – a very elegant looking dog, with a restrained and graceful appearance. Today, Azawaks are more often bred as family companions – they are affectionate towards their owners but also independent. Such a pet is suitable for people who do not expect 100% obedience and are prepared to spend a lot of time in nature. If you are fascinated by independent dogs and have enough free time to devote to a dog, you might consider getting one.

History of the breed

The Azawak originated in Africa in what is now Mali, Burkina and Nigeria. Their original purpose was to hunt gazelles and rabbits and to guard their homes, but they were also bred as family companions. Azawaks were highly revered, so no one dared to sell them – such dogs could only be given as gifts. In Europe, the Azawak was a relatively late arrival – only in the 1970s, and in the USA it took another decade for the breed to arrive. In America, the first litter of Azawaks was born in 1987. The American-bred Azawak was originally only red or dark deer in colour, but a few years later a tiger Azawak litter was born. The first appearance of the Azawak in dog shows was in 1970, and in 1981 the breed was given the name Azawak. The Azawak was recognised as a completely unique breed in 1986. The first litter of Azawak was born in Lithuania in 2015.

Azavakh: Appearance

Azawak – slender, tall and graceful dogs. Males are 64-73 cm tall, females 57-70 cm. Weight can vary from 15 to 25 kilograms. The body of the Azawak is slender, flexible and graceful. The front legs are long and graceful and almost completely upright. The hind legs are long and fully upright. Azawaks are very proportionate, with a body almost square – the length of the legs is 90 per cent of the total length of the back. The back is straight, with a slightly rising line towards the hips. The thorax is deep and the abdomen retracted. The head is narrow and long, chisel-shaped. The nasal mirror may be black or brown. The ears are flat, drooping when the dog is interested, with the ears rising slightly at the base. The neck is long and muscular, slightly curved. The coat of the Azawak is very short and practically absent on the belly. The skin is very smooth and soft, close to the body. The coat may be of the following colours: beige, dark deer, brown, red, tiger. The neck, tail tip and legs of the Azawak have a white coat, which makes the dog look like it is wearing socks. It is important that these “socks” are not too long – in France, Azawaks with white “socks” higher than the elbows are disqualified. In Africa, grey, blue and black azawaks can be found.

Azavakh: Character

The Azavakh dog’s propensity for aggression means it is often treated with suspicion or hostility by non-Azavakh individuals, although owners of Azavakh dogs tend to be fiercely protective of their canines. However, because these dogs are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners, they are still popular pets in many households.

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