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Bad dog smell is unpleasant for those around you.

You have noticed that your pet has started to smell bad. Dog odour is a natural phenomenon, but what if it is a nuisance? We will try to help you. To cope with pet “aroma”, follow these simple rules.

Bathing, bathing

Dogs are animals with no sweat glands, so the only source of odour for them is their fur. Consequently, one of the most effective methods of getting rid of odour is regular bathing. The optimum frequency of bathing is once a week if the animal is indoors and slightly less frequently if it lives outdoors.

Please note, “human” shampoos and conditioners cannot be used for bathing dogs – their acidity is not suitable for the dog’s coat. Today, go to the pet shop and buy special coat care products.

If your dog doesn’t have fleas, use antiparasitic products are not recommended – they are highly toxic and can harm not only the coat but also the health of the dog. Moreover, they do not remove odour.

When buying a shampoo, it is better to buy a special conditioner. Not only does it help to remove bad breath, but it also softens the coat and restores the hair structure and shine.

Grooming products with a strong smell can irritate the dog. Therefore, try to rinse shampoo and conditioner as thoroughly as possible.

Another important thing about bathing is the temperature of the water. If the water is too hot or too cold, it is unlikely that the pet will enjoy the conditions for long and will try to escape. The optimum water temperature is room temperature.

If you dry your pet’s coat after bathing with a hairdryer (the setting should be on low) or a soft towel, the pet will give you a big “doggy” – thank you – and you will get rid of the bad dog smell.

Glamour pet or perfume for dogs

for many of us todayYou can see perfumed water for dogs on the shelves of pet shops.The scents of these perfumes are quite varied. But don’t be in a hurry to succumb to new trends and buy a masterpiece from perfumers.

Think carefully, will the perfume help eliminate the cause of your pet’s smell? Even if you spritz your dog from head to tail with perfume, it doesn’t mean that after a while his “natural scent” won’t take over. Your pet will emit a “bouquet” of different smells.

What’s more, unfortunately, these scents can cause severe allergic reactions. In the spirit of fashion, if people use Chanel No. 5, it will be suitable for dogs, you may have to rescue your dog from more serious illnesses later.

Dog nutrition – looking for the roots of bad smells in dog food

If you have conscientiously followed the above recommendations and the odour remains, pay attention to what you are feeding your four-legged friend, and whether your dog’s diet is correctly selected. If the dog is not getting the beneficial nutrients, the metabolismand will be disrupted. So don’t be surprised if you get bad dog breath.

If this has not helped to deal with the “aroma”, contact your veterinarian urgently. The “root of the evil” may lie deeper. The smell may be the result of a more serious condition that requires a special course of treatment to eliminate.

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