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Country of origin:

Domestic dog, bird dog

Black, grey, brown, yellowish or light brown, white, also available in mottled coat colour

Calm, sociable, intelligent, obedient

52-66 cm

16-25 kg

12-14 years

Other names:


Litter size:
3-7 puppies


The Barbet – is a water dog that has been used for hunting wild birds since ancient times. Barbets did a double job: they not only fetched the birds they had shot, but also chased them out of the aquatic vegetation.Of course, this made the hunters’ job much easier, which is why these dogs were highly valued. Barbets are still used for hunting today, but today the breed is more often chosen as a companion or therapy dog. They are calm, sociable pets that are very attached to their family. The Barbet is an ideal choice for people who enjoy active outdoor activities and frequent water bodies – water is certainly the breed’s element!

History of the breed

The Barbet is a very old dog breed that was bred in France. Although there are very few sources of evidence for the origin of the breed, it is known that the breed existed as early as the 16th century. Interestingly, the Barbet is one of the ancestors of several other retrievers – it is no secret that retrievers are also talented helpers in the hunting of waterfowl. The Barbet’s thick, moisture-proof coat and its protection against the cold make them resilient to a wide range of weather conditions. The name of the breed is derived from the French word „barbe“, which in Lithuanian means „beard“. The appearance and performance of the barbet have changed considerably over the years – if we compare pictures of barbets taken eighty years ago with those taken now, we might think that they are – completely different breeds. However, some characteristics have been retained to the present day – these are the dense wavy coat and the versatility of the Barbet. The first breed standard was described quite late – in 1891.Today, this dog breed is very rare – in America, only 150 Barbets were registered in 2013-1013. In Lithuania, there is no Barbet kennel yet.

Barbet: Appearance

The Barbet – is a medium-sized dog. Males are 57-66 cm tall at the withers, females are 52-62 cm tall.The weight of this breed can vary from 16 to 25 kg (females are not only shorter but also smaller than males). Barbets are characterised by a strong back with a smooth topline, a short, slightly curved trunk and a broad, deep chest. The head is covered with dense hair: it forms a beard, falls on the nose and covers the bridge of the nose. The ears are long, flat and covered with hair. The tail is of medium length, growing low and held slightly raised. The fur is long, curly, covering the whole body. Sometimes intertwined, forming filaments. The coat is available in a variety of colours: black, grey, brown, yellowish or light brown, white, and a mottled coat colour.

Barbet: Character

Barbets are gentle, loving dogs that make great family pets. They are intelligent and trainable, but may be stubborn at times. Due to their size and energy level, Barbets require plenty of exercise and are not suitable for apartment living.

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