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Basic classification of dry dog food

Basic classification of dry dog food

Dry dog food has a balanced composition that includes all the essential nutrients for the dog’s body: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Dry food can be given to dogs of any age.

However, with a wide range of choices available, it is not easy to choose the right dry food for your pet. A detailed analysis of the characteristics of the food, the manufacturers and the shelf life is needed.
There are two categories of dry food:

Professional (super premium and premium food);

Market (economy class food).

Market food is sold in all shops, whereas professional food is usually found in specialised veterinary and animal supply shops.

Composition of dry food

The most important element of any dry food is protein, which helps the body’s cells to regenerate. It is these that determine the biological value of the product. Protein is mainly found in milk, meat, fish, wheat, oats and barley.

Profesional dry food made from the finest meats, poultry and rice. Market food is made from offal to which cereals are added.

Dry food is also divided into full ration and partial ration. If the food fully satisfies the dog’s body’s needs, it is considered to be a complete diet. Such food can be the dog’s main food, as it will provide the dog with all the necessary nutrients.

It is normally used as a snack, treat or dietary component.

Rules for choosing dry food

The main factors to consider when choosing a dry food are the dog’s age, weight, sex, condition, exercise and digestive characteristics. It is the physiological characteristics of the dog that will determine which type of food is best suited for it.

Manufacturers often categorise dry food according to the age of the dog:

For small puppies;

For young dogs;

Adultsms for dogs;

For older dogs.

When choosing your pet’s food, you also need to take into account its lifestyle:

Food for energetic dogs with daily physical activity. For these dogs, you should buy Active food, e.g. Bosch Active, Energy food, e.g. Josera High Energy;

Food for dogs with moderate physical activity. For these, Balans such as Natural Balans, Standard such as Charli Standard and Adult such as Acana Adult Dog series will be suitable;

And food for dogs that lead a quiet life, say because of their age or temperament. For these, we offer Light, such as Belcando Adult Light.

Feeding rules

Usually, the dry food packaging will have a dosage according to the age and weight of the dog. However, you should also pay attention to your pet’s appetite and physical condition. For dogs that live outdoors in cold weather conditions, the dosage should be increased by up to 20%.

Before giving dry food to your dog, it is advisable to soak it in water: pour it over the room in water at room temperature and leave for an hour or two. Do not pour boiling water over food as it destroys vitamins.
If a dog eats unsoaked dry food, its need for water increases. In this case, the dog should always have a full bowl of clean water.

Rules for buying dry food

It is not advisable to buy food from unknown companies, even if the price is very tempting. When buying, make sure that the packaging is intact and that the expiry date has not passed. The biggest risk is when you buy weighed food from random people or markets.

If you have difficulty choosing a dog food, it is best to seek advice from vets or dog breeders. These professionals have extensive experience and are therefore best placed to objectively assess the merits of different brands of food.

The tastes of the individual dog should also be taken into account. In order to determine which food is the tastiest for your dog, you should give him a taste of several types of dry food, from what has been recommended by specialists.

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