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Bavarian Mountain Hound

Bavarian Bloodhound

Country of origin:

Domestic, hunting dog

Brown, yellowish brown, reddish brown, reddish, reddish with black

Active, brave, loyal, calm

44.5-52 cm

20-30 kg

11-12 years

Other names:
Bavarian Mountain Hound, Bavarian Mountain Scenthound


Litter size:

Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Scenthound – is a calm dog that is very attached to its owner. This breed is confident but rather noisy – its voice is shrill and booming. The Bavarian Bloodhound has a particularly good sense of smell and can track any size of game. Such a dog – is not only an indispensable hunting companion, but also a great family friend with whom you will form a really strong bond.

History of the breed

The Bavarian Bloodhound is not an old dog breed – it dates back to 1870. However, the ancestors of the breed go back many centuries – old written records mention dogs very similar to the Bavarian Bloodhound of today. Until recently, the breed was the exclusive preserve of the nobility, who needed talented helpers in the hunt, but today everything has changed. In the nineteenth century, hunters were keen to improve the hunting qualities of their dogs as much as possible, and more than a few noblemen were involved in the breeding process.The Bavarian Bloodhound was, however, the creation of the Bavarian Bloodhound – thanks to the work of Karl Bebenburg de Reichenhall. Even very experienced hunters were not always able to kill a game animal at the first shot (badly wounded deer or other large animals sometimes simply run away), so a dog was needed that could locate the wounded animals and report them to the owner. The Bavarian Bloodhound was bred by crossing the Hanoverian Bloodhound and the Bavarian Mountain Hound – the new breed was smaller, more agile and even more enduring. these qualities soon caught the interest of other hunters – in 1912, the first Bavarian Bloodhound fanciers’ club was founded in Monachium. Although only recently known in Germany, in the last decade the breed has gained popularity in Poland, Russia, the USA and Latvia. We also have representatives of this breed in Lithuania.

Bavarian Bloodhound: Appearance

The Bavarian Bloodhound is a medium-sized dog with a weight of 20-30 kg, depending on the sex. Males can reach a height of 47-52 cm at the withers, while females can be between 44,5 and 48 cm tall. Females are not only shorter but also smaller. Bavarian bloodsuckers are characterised by a proportionate physique with an elongated, muscular body, a medium-sized head and legs that are neither too long nor too short. The head is kept slightly raised, the tail is kept flat or pointed downwards. The waist is short, fairly broad, the loins long, the back flexible.  The skull of the Bavarian Bloodhound resembles a dome, with a clear rise towards the forehead. The neck is graceful, blending smoothly with the line of the back. Ears slightly longer than average, may reach the nose (but not below). Tail high, rather long, broad at the base, tapering towards the back. The coat is dense and smooth, close-fitting, moderately coarse, rather shiny. Permissible coat colours: red, brown, deer or deer-brown.

Bavarian Bloodhound: Character

Unlike some other popular breeds of hunting dog, such as the Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever, the Bavarian Bloodhound is not typically considered suitable as a family pet – they can be quite destructive when left alone or bored and need plenty of exercise to stay happy. However, they are often highly affectionate with their owners and make good watchdogs due to their protective instincts.

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