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Belgian Groenendael Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd, Griunendalis

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, guard dog


Intelligent, reliable, brave, determined, sturdy, strong-willed, alert, playful, affectionate, reserved

56-66 cm

27-29 kg

12-13 years

Other names:
Griunendalis, Belgian Shepherd, Groenendael


Litter size:
8-10 puppies

Belgian Groenendael Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael – is a black, graceful dog that impresses not only with its looks, but also with its affection and its excellent mental abilities. They are quite active dogs who never give up long walks and games. Due to their trainability and intelligence, Belgian Shepherds often become service dogs. Such a pet is best suited to those dog lovers who have plenty of free time and the desire to engage with their dog. Although Belgian Groenendael are very energetic, they are characteristically reserved – they are certainly not the kind of dog that needs to be grabbed by the head when they have too much energy. If you keep your dog sufficiently active, you can be sure that your dog will be as calm as… Belgian!

History of the breed

Just outside the Belgian capital is the preserved castle of Groenendael. In 1893, the castle here was the starting point for breeding Belgian Shepherd Groenendael, the benchmark of which was Duck de Groenendael, which translates from Flemish as “King of the green valley”. This breed was bred to protect herds of livestock from predatory animals, but it was later discovered that the Groenendael could also cope with more difficult tasks. Thus, they were entrusted not only with protecting the herds, but also with herding them. The breed was able to cope with this task perfectly, and to this day Belgian Griunendals are highly valued for their versatility. Over the years, the Belgian Shepherd Griunendal’s applications have expanded considerably – the breed is often used as a therapy dog, assisting policemen, soldiers, etc. The first Belgian Griunendal’s came to Lithuania from Hungary in 1999, and the breed is currently gaining popularity in our country.

Belgian Shepherd Dog, Griunendalis: appearance

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael– a rather tall dog. Males are 60-66 cm tall at the withers, females 56-62 cm. It is a very elegant pet with a well-proportioned, graceful body. The muzzle is of medium length, pointed and the skull is flat. The neck is long, muscular and decorated with a fluffy fur collar. Ears triangular, erect, eyes almond-shaped, brown. Nose black, lips compressed, also black. Tail long, ornate. Forelegs straight and strong. The coat is very dense, of medium length, black in colour. The muzzle and lower legs are covered with shorter fur than other parts of the body.

Belgian Shepherd Dog, Griunendal: character

Belgian Shepherds Griunendal – are excellent family dogs that are very attached to their owners and willing to be trained. The breed is good with children and pets, but socialisation must be taken care of at an early age. They are very playful pets and are happy to play with a ball or catch a flying saucer. An active pet is not acceptable for people who like to spend their free time at home. The Belgian Shepherd Griunendal is best suited to people who love the outdoors and spend most of their leisure time there.Dogs of this breed find it difficult to tolerate loneliness and do not like to be left alone at home. Belgian Shepherds Griunendals excel in various sports, but only positive training methods are suitable for them. This breed can be motivated not only with food but also with toys – you just have to discover which ones your pet likes best.

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