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Belgian Laekenois Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd Lakenua

Country of origin:

Domestic, guard dog

Yellowish brown with red tinge and dark spots on muzzle and tail

Intelligent, reliable, brave, determined, hardy, stubborn, alert, active, playful

56-66 cm

27,5-28,5 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Laekenois


Litter size:
6-10 puppies

Belgian Shepherd Lakenois

Belgian Shepherd Laekenoa – is one of the four types of Belgian Shepherd. The Lakenua is distinguished by its coarse mahogany-coloured coat, covered with darker hair on the muzzle and tail. These dogs are well-proportioned, athletic and elegant, but it is not only their appearance that is captivating, but also their character. Cynologists constantly warn dog lovers that the Belgian Shepherd Lakenua is not just a dog – he is a devoted family friend and helper. A properly trained Belgian Lakenua can also assist policemen or customs officers.

History of the breed

Belgian Shepherds are the only breed in existence that has as many as four species. The different names of the breed have been given according to the areas from which the dogs originate. As the name of the breed says, the Belgian Shepherd Dog Lakenua originates from Laken. Of the four types of Belgian Shepherds, the Lakenua is the rarest. The breed standards for these dogs were distinguished in 1890 – this work was undertaken by a professor at the Belgian School of Veterinary Sciences. Since then, only similar Belgian Shepherds have been crossed with each other (it was noted that the biggest difference between the breed types – the coat). The Belgian Lakenua Shepherds were mostly herders or guards of flax fields. In 1900, the breed with four different variations was recognised by the Royal Society of St. Helena. With four different varieties. After the outbreak of the First World War, the number of Belgian Shepherds decreased significantly. However, before the Second World War, the population recovered somewhat, and many of these Belgian Shepherds were involved in military service. Today, Belgian Shepherds Lakenua are often assistants in the Belgian army or policemen.

Belgian Shepherd Lakenois: appearance

The Belgian Shepherd Lakenua is a medium-sized dog. Males are 61 to 66 cm tall at the withers, females 56 to 61 cm. The ideal weight of these dogs is 27,5 to 28,5 kg. The appearance of this breed is slightly angular, with a gracefully curved lower line and a deep chest. The skull of the Belgian Shepherd Lakenua is almost equal to the length of the muzzle. The muzzle is long and shapely and the tip of the nose is black. The jaws are strong and the bite is scissor-like. Eyes medium-sized, diamond-shaped, dark brown. Ears small to medium-sized, high set, triangular. Neck muscular, slightly curved. The front legs are long and muscular, the hind legs appear very powerful. The front claws are rounded, the hind claws are oval. The tail is of medium length, with the tip held slightly above the dorsal line. Coat rough, waterproof, rather short. Preferred colour for dogs in shows – yellowish brown with a red tinge and dark spots on muzzle and tail.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Lakenua: character

The Belgian Lakenua is a very devoted dog who would do anything for his owners. They are very affectionate and get on well with people of all ages, including children. There are usually no problems in getting along with other dogs, but males can be dominant over other males. Belgian Shepherds can be a little tense with cats, but if they have grown up together there should be no problems. A Belgian Lakenua could travel with its owner to any part of the world. As these dogs are very hardy, they can easily endure long journeys.

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