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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Belgian Shepherd Terviuren

Country of origin:

Domestic, protection dog

Black, black and brown, black and cream, black and reddish brown

Intelligent, reliable, brave, determined, alert, stubborn, active, playful, intelligent

56-62 cm

20-30 kg

12-13 years

Other names:
Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Tervueren


Litter size:
6-10 puppies

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren looks a bit like a German Shepherd. However, the Belgian Shepherd’s coat is much longer and the muzzle – more pointed. Belgian Terviurens are used today for a variety of purposes – like German Shepherds, they often assist police officers, search for objects, etc. They are very active dogs with excellent working qualities. Belgian Terviurens often take part in various sporting activities, in which they do really well.

History of the breed

The Belgian Terviuren – is one of the four types of Belgian Shepherd. The origin of the Belgian Shepherd breed dates back to the end of the 19th century, and all four Belgian Shepherds share a common origin. Around 1800, enthusiastic dog lovers decided to “purify” the Belgian Shepherd Dog breed and selected four types. Later on, only those dogs that were very similar in appearance were crossed. This is what led to the four types of Belgian Shepherd. The Belgian Shepherd Terviuren was named after the village from which it originated. To this day, in some parts of the world, Belgian Shepherds are considered to be a single breed and only different coat types are distinguished; in fact, it is the coat that most distinguishes these dogs from each other. Malinua, Terviuren and Terviuren, currently considered the most popular Belgian Shepherds, are still a real rarity in our country.

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren: Appearance

The Belgian Shepherd Terviuren is a medium-sized dog. Males are 60-62 cm tall at the withers, females 56-62 cm. Females usually weigh between 20 and 25 kg, males between 25 and 30 kg. The Belgian Terviuren has a graceful and elegant appearance, with a slender but very sturdy build and very well-developed muscles. The eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped and brown in colour. The ears resemble equilateral triangles, rather large. Skull flat, muzzle of medium length, pointed. Nose black, lips close-set, also black. Tail long, reaching the ankles. Legs are long, straight and sturdy, with feet resembling those of a cat. The neck is medium-long, firm and decorated with a ‘collar’ (the fur on the neck is longer). The coat is medium to long, ornate and double-layered. The head, the outer part of the ears and the legs are covered by a shorter coat than other parts of the body. The colour of the fur varies from yellowish brown to mahogany. Black or grey markings may be visible on the fur. White colouring is also possible on the chest, chin and toes. The coat becomes lighter as the dog ages.

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren: Character

The Belgian Shepherd Terviuren – is a great family friend. This breed is very affectionate and can follow its owner through fire and water. The Belgian Shepherd Terviuren is easy to train and can become an excellent guard dog if trained properly. Belgian Terviurens are versatile dogs, suitable for practically all types of dog sports. Their energy and speed make them excellent in dog agility competitions, and their excellent obedience and sharp mind make them suitable for various rescue operations.Their sense of smell is well developed, and they can take part in the search for drugs or explosives.

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