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Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Tricolour: black, white and brown

Calm, strong, confident, alert, agile, fearless, sociable, attentive, affectionate, sensitive, intelligent, loyal

58-70 cm

40-65 kg

5-8 years

Other names:
Bernese Mountain Dog, Berner Sennenhund


Litter size:
4-10 puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog – a majestic looking dog that is often compared to a bear or a bear. They are very attentive and affectionate dogs that are happy to follow their owner’s commands. Bernese Mountain Dogs are excellent family friends, happy to spend time with children and adults alike, and feel most comfortable when they can be as close to their family as possible. Although they may seem a bit lazy, they are really good at working.

History of the breed

Bernese Mountain Dogs originate from the Swiss city of Bern, where dogs similar to modern-day Bernese Mountain Dogs were found in particularly large numbers. In medieval times, this breed of dog helped people by herding livestock, guarding household possessions or pulling carts.The breed is characterised by physical work, which is why Bernese Mountain Dogs still feel the need to work today. Around the 19th century, the breed was threatened with extinction, as many other dog breeds were introduced into Switzerland at that time. However, local cynologists have made great efforts to preserve the breed. Today, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a popular dog breed, but this comes at a price: popular breeds are often bred in illegal kennels (known as “breeding kennels”), and the reputation of the dogs (the dogs are not always mentally stable) suffers as a result. The first dog club for this breed was founded in 1907, at which time the first standard for this breed was described (although at that time the dogs were called Dürrbächlers). The first Bernese Mountain Dogs came to Lithuania in 1990 from Hungary – they were two females and one male.

Bernese Mountain Dog: appearance

Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite large dogs: males are 64-70 cm tall at the withers and females 58-66 cm. The weight of males can reach 65 kg and females 50 kg. Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered one of the most beautiful working breeds. They are large, sturdily built dogs with a head in proportion to their body. The ears are triangular, drooping, the eyes are oval, dark brown. The tail is long, usually held down, usually reaching the ankles. The Bernese Mountain Dog’s main adornment is its dense, slightly wavy coat, which is symmetrically decorated with black, brown and white patterns. The main coat colour is black, with white on the muzzle, paws, tail tip and chest. A very dense and soft fleece protects against frost.

Bernese Mountain Dog: character

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an intelligent and friendly dog who loves children very much. They are very attached to their family and can only get used to new owners if the dog is less than a year and a half old. Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite friendly with strangers and animals, they never provoke a conflict first and bark very moderately. They are quite sensitive dogs and should be accustomed to other animals, unfamiliar people and different situations from a young age. Unsocialised Bernese Mountain Dogs can be timid and may bite in stressful situations. This breed is very trainable and willing to perform tasks. What could be better than being able to please the owner? Bernese Mountain Dogs can perform a wide variety of tasks, but this depends very much on the body structure of the dog. Smaller Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite agile, while heavier Bernese Mountain Dogs are clumsy. these breeds

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