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Boseron (Beauceron)


Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Black, black and brown, marble, tricolour

Intelligent, friendly, reserved, fearless, courageous, watchful, loyal

63-71 cm

30-45 kg

12-13 years

Other names:
French Shepherd, Beauceron, Berger De Beauce, French Shepherd, Bas-Rouge, Beauce Shepherd


Litter size:
5-7 puppies

The Beauceron is also known as the French Shepherd, the Beauce dog or the „red sock“. The Boseron is distinguished from other dog breeds by its smooth, rough coat and the spots on its legs which resemble socks. Since ancient times, the breed has been bred to herd and guard livestock, and today the Boseron makes an excellent house pet and family dog. Boseros are very intelligent and trainable, making them ideal for people who want a well-trained and obedient pet. Boseros are very versatile – they can become service dogs as well as competitors (and winners!) in a variety of dog sports competitions.

History of the breed

The Boseron originated in France and was developed by crossing and breeding Dobermans. French Shepherds were first mentioned in written sources in 1578. For a long time, Boseros were bred for hunting bears, deer or wild boar, as well as for herding livestock. The breed was officially recognised at the Paris Dog Show in 1863. The first breed standard was described much later in 1927 (by A. Siroden). During the First and Second World War, the Boseron was threatened with extinction, but managed to survive (at that time there were only 50 of the breed left). The first Boseron club was founded in France in 1911, and French Shepherd clubs can now be found in many European and American countries. Over the lifetime of the breed, approximately 80 000 dogs have been registered in the Boseros’ home country. Today, the breed is not very popular – there are only 7000 registered Boseros.

Boseron: appearance

The height at the withers of males is 66-71 cm, that of females 63-66 cm, males usually weigh between 32 and 45 kg, females between 30 and 39 kg. Boseros are harmoniously built dogs – the length of the back from the shoulders to the buttocks is barely greater than the height at the withers. Boseros are characterised by a straight back, a large and long chest and a girth of about one-fifth of the height at the withers. The neck is long and muscular, the skull and muzzle are of equal length. The tip of the nose is black, the lips are stiff, the upper lip completely covering the lower lip, with „pockets“ on the sides of the lips. The teeth of the bosseron are rather large and strong, with a scissor bite. Eyes rounded, dark brown. The ears are not cropped in European Union countries and are about half the length of the head. The front and hind legs are straight when viewed from the side. The feet are large and rounded. The coat of the Boseron is dense and close-fitting, approximately 3-4 cm long. The undercoat is short and fine, usually grey in colour. The topcoat can be several colours: black with yellowish-brown areas or mottled grey or black with yellowish-brown areas;

Boseron: character

In France, the Boseron is highly valued as a guard dog that can help on the farm. They are athletic and highly intelligent pets that can engage in a wide range of activities. The Boseron is characterised by restraint, courage and loyalty. The breed is very attached to its owners and is always ready to defend them. The Boseron is rather suspicious of strangers and can therefore be kept as a guard dog. It is important to know that the physical and mental development of French Shepherds is much slower than that of other breeds – Boseros reach full maturity at around three years of age. However, dressage should be taken care of

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