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Boston Terrier

Country of origin:

United States of America (USA) Purpose:
Domestic dog

Brown and white, reddish brown and white, black and white, tiger and white

Intelligent, attentive, active, lively, cheerful, friendly, devoted, affectionate, hardy.

37-43 cm

5-10,4 kg

12-13 years

Other names:
Boston Terrier, Boston Bull


Litter size:
From 3-5 puppies

Boston Terrier – a lively dog that enjoys life. This breed is characterised by a willingness to please its owner and a friendliness that runs through the edges. They are easily trainable dogs that were formerly used for hunting and fighting, but today make excellent pets and family friends. This breed is suitable for apartment living and is not usually very active at home. Boston Terriers love to be around people, get along well with children and adults, adapt easily if there are other pets in the house – get along with both dogs and cats.

History of the breed

Boston Terriers are not an old dog breed – they were bred in 1870. Robert Huper bought a dog named Judge in Boston, which later became known as the Huper Judge. The breed is believed to have been developed by crossing bulldogs and terriers, and later crossing these dogs with French bulldogs. The first dogs of the breed were much larger than the present-day Boston Terriers, and by the end of the 19th century the breed had been slightly reduced in size, weighing around 20 kilograms. The Boston Terriers first appeared at a dog show in 1870, and a couple of decades later the breed became very popular. The American Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1893 – it was the first recognised breed of American origin. Today, Boston Terriers are described as „American Gentlemen“. The breed is not very popular in Lithuania.

Boston Terrier: appearance

The Boston Terrier – is a dog with a proportionate build and a square body. The height at the withers can reach 37-43 cm and the weight is divided into three categories: up to 6,8 kg, 6,8 to 9,1 kg and 9,1 to 10,4 kg. The height at the withers is proportional to the length of the body, the skull is square and the forehead is flat. Although Boston Terriers are somewhat similar in appearance to French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers are more graceful and do not have the characteristic wrinkles on the muzzle. The eyes of this breed are large and round, and spaced far apart. The ears are relatively small and are not clipped in European Union countries. The nose is broad, black in colour, the jaws square, the lower jaw straight or protruding. Lips compressed, close-set, covering the teeth. Tail low, tapering at the tip, not rising above the dorsal line. Coat smooth, short, close-fitting. The coat of the Boston Terrier may be brown-spotted, black with a reddish tinge, black with white markings. White markings around the muzzle, between the eyes and on the chest are necessary. White markings between the eyes, on the forehead and on the lower part of the hind legs are also desirable;

Boston Terrier: character

The most important characteristic of the Boston Terrier is its endless love and devotion to its owners.The breed is child-friendly and is willing to interact with its owners and guests. Socialised Bostonians have no problems getting along with other animals. Boston Terriers are characteristically playful – they are always ready to catch a ball or play with other toys. Occasionally, this breed will pull pranks, but these are more likely to amuse than annoy their owners. Although Boston Terriers are classified as non-sporting dogs, they are very agile and bouncy, and can also excel in dog agility.The breed is easy to train, quick to learn what is wanted of them, and following commands is a pleasure for the Boston Terrier as it always tries to please its owner.

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