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Brussels Griffon

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Black, light brown, black with rust

Reliable, intelligent, inquisitive, alert, cheerful, family favourite. Attached to his owner and wants to be the centre of attention

18-25 cm

2-5 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
Brussels Griffon, Griffon bruxellois


Litter size:
From 1-10 puppies

Brussels Griffons – are intelligent, solidly built dogs that make really great companions. These small dogs are easy to train, but they are very sensitive to harsher words or actions, so only positive training is appropriate. Although Brussels Griffons get along quite well with children, rough play by children can be misunderstood. This pet is most suitable for families with children of school age. Brussels Griffons are sporty and agile and can take part in a variety of dog sports competitions (although they are small in stature, their relatively long legs allow them to excel in agility competitions).

History of the breed

The Brussels Griffon – is a breed of toy dog bred in Belgium.The ancestors of this breed of dog are considered to be small terrier-type dogs, which were used to catch small rodents. Later, these dogs were crossed with various toy dogs, including pugs and King Charles spaniels. The Brussels Griffons became most popular in the 19th century, and were much loved not only by local workers, but also by the nobility. The breed was registered in 1883 in a book published by the Belgian Cynological Society. Queen Marie Henriette, who visited dog shows every year with her daughter, was also very fond of the breed. She later became a breeder of Brussels Griffons and the dogs she bred were exported to England and the USA. After the First and Second World Wars, the breed was threatened with extinction – it was only preserved in the United Kingdom. The breed regained its popularity in the 1960s, but today it is not the preferred choice of dog breeders.

Brussels Griffon: appearance

The Brussels Griffon – a small dog with a height at the withers of no more than 25 cm and a weight of no more than 5 kilograms. The Brussels Griffon is easy to identify – the breed is characterised by long legs, a „monkey muzzle“, a round head and small, droopy ears. The Brussels Griffon has a square body, a slightly curved torso, broad loins and a strong and sturdy back. They are well-proportioned dogs – their height at the withers is equal to the length of the dog. The tail is high, held up, with the tip pointing towards the back. The eyes are far apart, rounded, large and may be brown or darker. The coat of the Brussels Griffon is coarse and has a dense undercoat. The breed can be long-haired or short-haired: long-haired dogs have a wavy coat, while short-haired dogs have a straight and glossy coat (about 2 cm long). The coat may be brownish or tawny in colour.

Brussels Griffon: character

The Brussels Griffon is an affectionate family companion who loves his owners very much. Staying as close as possible to their family is exactly what this breed craves. Brussels Griffons can be a bit of a prude, so it is important not to spoil them too much. It is important to socialise the dog when it is young and to start training as early as possible – this will help to prevent behavioural problems as the dog grows up. It is easy to get a Brussels Griffon interested in a variety of activities – they are very curious dogs with a keen interest in their surroundings. If this breed is to be kept in a family with children, it is important to teach the children how to behave with dogs.

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