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Bucovina Shepherd Dog

Bukovina Shepherd Dog

Country of origin:
Romania, Serbia

Domestic, guard dog

White and black, white and grey, white and shades of brown

Calm, courageous, watchful, energetic, devoted

68-78 cm

32-41 kg

10-15 years

Other names:
Bucovina Shepherd Dog


Litter size:
From 4-6 puppies

The Bucovina Shepherd Dog – is a giant dog that is very attached to its family members, and is always determined to protect them.This breed has a stable character, with iron patience, making it suitable for families with small children. Bukovina Shepherds are very protective and can guard the home if properly trained. The barking of these dogs is very loud and can frighten even the bravest intruders. Bukovina Shepherds are most comfortable living in a fairly large area and will not be the best choice for dog lovers living in a cramped apartment. It should also be taken into account that if a Bukovina Shepherd hears suspicious noises, it will start barking, which can cause neighbours to complain about the noise.

History of the breed

Bukovina Shepherds – are a naturally occurring breed that originated in the Carpathian Mountains. The breed was named after Bukovina (in the north-eastern Carpathian region of what is now Romania and the Ukraine), which is why the breed was named after it.The breed was used many years ago to protect livestock herds and personal property, and the Bukovina Shepherd Dogs have retained their working qualities today. The breed is believed to have been around for around two thousand years, but interest in the breed was relatively late. In the 18th century, a Hungarian scientist on a trip to Romania discovered the breed and became very interested in it, so that after a while, breeding began. The first breed standard was drawn up in 1982 and updated by the Romanian Kennel Club in 2001. One year later, the breed standard was approved by the FCI.

Bukovina Shepherd Dog: appearance

The Bukovina Shepherd Dog stands approximately 68-78 cm tall and can weigh 32-41 kg. Males are normally taller and larger than females. The body of the Bukovina Shepherd Dog is massive, with a broad, large head. The nose is black and broad. The lips are thick, covering the teeth, well pigmented. Teeth are very strong and the bite is scissor-like. The eyes are small in relation to the size of the head, almond-shaped, brown in colour. The ears are high set, „V“ shaped, with rounded tips, held close to the cheeks. The neck is of medium length, firm, without skin folds. The head and front legs are covered with short and rather fine hair, the fur on the neck forms a collar and the tail hair is also longer. The main colour of the coat is white, with black, grey or red patches, which must be sufficiently large. The legs may be „spotted“.

Bukovina Shepherd Dog: character

The Bukovina Shepherd Dog is very friendly with its family, but does not trust strangers. It is very important that owners pay enough attention to the socialisation of this dog, as this will help to prevent it from reacting inappropriately to visitors, dogs outside, etc. If a Bukovina Shepherd Dog is brought up with other animals from a young age, it will get along well with them, but it is not recommended to keep small animals in the same house, which can be injured by such a giant dog just playing.This breed is well adapted to its environment, but it prefers to have a large enough territory. Bukovina Shepherds can be kept both indoors and outdoors, – the dog’s thick coat prevents it from freezing, even in fierce weather.The breed is intelligent and a quick learner, but often a bit stubborn.

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