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Canadian Sphynx

Country of origin:

Various colours – monochrome dark or light, also spotted

Intelligent, smart, affectionate, friendly, playful, no aggression

3-7 kg

13-14 years

Other names:
Sphynx, Canadian sphynx

Yes (100 percent hypoallergenic cats do not exist, but hypoallergenic breeds may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all.)

The Canadian Sphynx is a breed that is admired by some and loathed by others, but all agree that they are truly special cats with a distinctive look. Canadian Sphynxes are expressive and elegant, which is why they are such a delight for photographers who can add this breed of cat to their portfolio. The Canadian Sphynx is distinguished from other cats not only by its appearance but also by its character. They are extremely affectionate cats who love to spend time with children and other animals.

History of the breed

The Canadian Sphynx is not an old breed, dating back to 1966. In that year, a single hairless kitten was born in a litter of domestic cats in Canada and named Prun.This kitten was later bred with its mother and the new litter included both normal and hairless kittens. Later on, the aim was to continue the litter of hairless kittens, so Prun was bred with other female relatives – daughters and granddaughters. In 1971, an attempt was made to legalise these hairless kittens as a new breed of cat, but this was unsuccessful. In 1975, a short-haired cat in the USA gave birth to a hairless kitten named Epidermo. This kitten was the originator of today’s elite Canadian Sphynx lines. In the late 1970s, three more hairless kittens were found in Canada – two females and one male. The hairless kitten, named Bemby, was in a very serious condition that required the removal of his testicles, so that he never became a continuation of the breed. Two cats were sent to the Netherlands and became the originators of the European Canadian Sphynx. It was previously mistakenly believed that hairless kittens were born if the father of the offspring was hairless, but this has since been proven not to be true.

Canadian Sphynx: appearance

The Canadian Sphynx is a medium-sized cat with a robust and muscular body. This breed has a very graceful and elegant appearance, with a rounded chest, a not too distended abdomen and a straight back. Canadian Sphynxes are hairless cats with smooth, velvety skin. The most noticeable wrinkles are on the head between the ears, as well as on the shoulder blades, neck, belly and legs. Young sphynxes look particularly wrinkled. The head of the Canadian Sphynx is slightly elongated, of medium size, the chin is firm and the colour of the nose matches the body colour. The ears appear particularly large, tapering upwards, with rounded tips. The eyes are large and prominent, with the outer corners of the eyes pointing towards the ears. The eyes may be of different colours, but must match the body colour. The claws are medium-long and strong, the tail is long, narrow and straight, tapering towards the rear. The body of the Canadian sphinx may be of different colours – monochrome dark or light, also spotted.

Canadian Sphinx: character

If the Canadian Sphynx doesn’t captivate with its looks, it will certainly captivate with its character. This breed does not show any aggression and is often kept in families with young children. Canadian Sphynxes can frolic with children all day and then fall asleep together. Of course, children should be supervised when playing with the cat – although the cat will soon forget about the abuse, children do not always understand when they are harming a pet. They are very intelligent cats and are not difficult to train – they will certainly soon learn what is and is not allowed. Canadian Sphynxes understand human needs – this breed of cat intuitively senses what

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