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Cat magic: how do these pets protect us from misfortune?

Since ancient times, cats have been shrouded in a certain veil of mystery. These pets are believed to save their owners from all sorts of misfortunes, warn of dangers, help clear negative energy and attract goodness into the home. How do cats do all this?

Heals by purring

The purr of a cat is the most pleasant music to the owner’s ears and a sign that the pet is full of love and appreciation. This sound made by cats has a healing effect on the human body, reducing the risk of heart disease, stress and the threat of nervous exhaustion. The sound vibrations occur at a frequency of 25 hertz, which stimulates wound healing, reduces pain, increases tissue density and even strengthens the immune system.

Protects the home and improves mood

Dark-coloured cats protect the home and all family members. The darker the coat, the stronger the pet. If your four-legged friend acts like a recluse, is hostile or seems depressed, it may be a sign that he or she has protected you from problems, isfrom potential trouble. Cats with bright coats bring goodness, happiness and prosperity into the home. If your mood suddenly and without reason improves, don’t doubt it’s the cat’s doing.

Relieves and eases loneliness

Fluffy pets keep us going through difficult times. Cats help people feel calmer and more relaxed when they are around. Cats provide emotional support to their owners, which contributes to greater self-care and increases endorphins in the body. This is why, when playing with pets or just being in their company, people forget sadness and anxiety and feel calmer and more sociable.

Makes you happy

Cat lovers will confirm that these pets bring joy and make you smile more often. When people observe cats, their behaviour and habits, they feel a surge of joy, the whole atmosphere becomes more positive and their mood improves.

Reduces negative energy

Cats absorb negative energy that builds up in the home or that comes in from outside. They has the ability to transmit negative energy through itself, purify it and give it back. They are like filters in the energy field. Cats have a very good aura. By mastering the energy field from negative vibrations, cats attract good luck in business and love for their owners.

See the future

It may be hard to believe, but cats actually predict the future. They sense impending disasters and other troubles. Be more attentive to your pet. If you notice strange behaviour, know that this is a sign to watch out. Any attempt to escape from your home could be a sign of danger. And when a gentle cat suddenly becomes angry and aggressive, money problems or disagreements with loved ones could be on the horizon.

Attract prophetic dreams

These pets have phenomenal abilities and can communicate with humans even in their sleep. If you had a dream and immediately woke up to see a cat next to you, it means that the pet has shown you the future and given you clues.

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