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Cat or dog: which of these animals suits your zodiac sign better?

You’ve probably heard the saying that a pet is just like its owner? There is some truth in that – after all, we choose our pets according to our lifestyle and character. If you are hesitant about which pet is more suitable for you – a dog or a cat, check which one is assigned to which Zodiac sign.

Aries (21.03.- 20.04.20)

This zodiac sign is a real adventurer who finds it hard to stay in one place. Cats are not usually fond of travelling, so a pet left alone at home would be very sad. The ideal pet for an Aries is undoubtedly a dog, which can often be taken along. One of the most suitable dog breeds is the Staffordshire Terrier, which is characterised by its loyalty and desire for adventure.

Taurus (21.04.- 20.05.20)

Bulls are reluctant to have a pet for two reasons: firstly, there is no animal that wants to stay out of bed all day on a Sunday, and secondly, they don’t believe that a pet can be pedantically tidy and obedient. However, this zodiac sign is far from being hard-hearted – if a dog were to cross the threshold of the home, all the original provisions would be forgotten. A Taurus and a fast-learning German Shepherd can make a really great team.

Gemini (05.22 – 06.21)

It’s not always easy for Gemini to stay focused on one activity, and the constant distractions often leave little time to even eat lunch. It’s no secret that cats require far less care than dogs, so it’s more appropriate for Gemini to get a cat than a dog. If you are determined to have a pet, you might consider getting a smart and affectionate Thai cat.

Cancer (06.22 – 07.22)

This zodiac sign is very sensitive and emotional. Cancers need a pet that is quite empathetic, so a cat may be just what you need. A cat is sure to come to your rescue when you’re feeling low or anxious, so a Siberian cat, an atavistic-looking Devon Rex, or a gorgeous-coated – Neva’s masquerade cat, could be the perfect Cancerian pal.

Leo (07.23 – 08.23)

Leo – a very versatile personality who can be both quite aggressive and very affectionate. However, it is not the little lion relatives that are more suitable for this Zodiac, but dogs. Thus, a bullmastiff with a majestic appearance is the perfect match for a Leo and will be a faithful companion at every turn.

Virgo (08.24 – 09.23)

Virgos are quite pedantic, so they are perfectly comfortable without any pets. This doesn’t mean that Virgos don’t like animals – it’s just that they like rules and order in the home.A dog may seem too active for this zodiac sign, so you might want to consider getting a cat. Intelligent and docile British Shorthair or Russian Blue cats can get along with Mergela.

Libra (09.24 – 10.23)

For Libra, it’s important that everything at home is according to the rules they set. It is not always possible to get along with a cat, which is why Libra is best suited to having a dog. The Whippet is one of the breeds most suitable for this zodiac sign. Vipetes are quite energetic, but can be very calm and well-mannered at home.

Scorpio (10.24 – 11.22)

Scorpios are comfortable without any pets. For some Scorpios, it’s hard to imagine letting a cat or a dog into the house, but under certain circumstances, things can look very different. Small breeds are perfect for Scorpio – Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas, etc. You won’t even notice how quickly you become attached to your pet and will always want to take it with you.

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