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Cats and dogs, how do they help you cope with loneliness?

Cats and dogs almost always become members of the family and live in the homes of many of us.In today’s world, there are many lonely people. Someone has not started a family, someone has lost a loved one, someone simply lives too far away from their family. Everyone finds it difficult to cope with loneliness, regardless of age, social status and other factors.

But don’t despair, scientists have found a universal way to deal with loneliness. Today we’ll tell you about one interesting study and help you choose the pet that’s right for you.

It has long been proven that caring for animals helps to cope with loneliness. They help fill a void. It’s as if a person gets the family member he or she needs. The question remains, which animal is most suitable for the home?

Researchers at a German university hospital have decided to tackle this question. They carried out a study to find out whether animals really help to cope with loneliness and who does it better. The data was taken from a study carried out in Germanysince 1996

The study looked at elderly people living alone. Therefore, the experts selected a group of widows over 65 years of age. There were 1160 people in the group. The subjects were divided into groups according to whether they lived with animals and with which animals.

The results showed that those without animals felt lonely. It can be concluded that animals help us to cope with difficult periods in our lives and bring us joy. In addition, love for animals speaks volumes about a person’s mental health.

Dogs have also been shown to be better than cats at helping people cope with loneliness. Dogs gave their owners more joy and had more psychological benefits. The expert commented on the results of the study, noting that just by walking a dog all the time, it has an incredible effect.

The fact is that it is a sense of responsibility to walk the dog every day. This helps them to move more, to stay active, to meet and communicate with other people. has no equal. The specialist has even compiled a ranking of dog intelligence to help you choose the most suitable breed for your future companion.

An experiment has shown that it is harder to live with a cat when you are lonely, but it is not completely worthless. A lively and cuddly cat makes you want to pay attention to it, play with it, and sometimes even go outside together. Cats have also been shown to prolong the life of their owners and are able to heal them.

So what to choose? It is believed that one should focus only on personal preferences. It is important to find the most suitable companion that will genuinely make you happy. After all, if you get a dog but are not prepared to walk it every day, it will eventually become a burden and probably not bring you much joy.

In the end, the choice is yours. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is – cats and dogs, hamsters, parrots or fish. What matters is that you are comfortable and happy to be around your pet.

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