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Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Various colours

Cute, lively, alert, devoted, fast, brave

15-23 cm

1-2,5 kg

12-14 years

Other names:


Litter size:
From 4-6

Chihuahuas are small but very brave and alert dogs that are not at all self-conscious about their size. They are indoor dogs who always want to be as close as possible to their owner. Chihuahua breeders unanimously agree that they are very cuddly pets that make excellent companions at every turn.Today, they are the smallest breed of dog and are often chosen not only because of their size, but also because of their character qualities.Chihuahuas need to be trained, just like any other dog, to develop a sense of security and to avoid the need for them to jump up and down on every person they meet.

History of the breed

The origin of the Chihuahua is not entirely clear. It is known that the name is named after a Mexican state, but there are several theories of origin. The first theory suggests that the Chihuahua arrived in the Americas in 1519 with a group of Spanish conquistadors. Another version of the origin states that the Chihuahua is a reduced version of the Chinese dog – these dogs were brought to America by Europeans. American cynologists also speculate that the breed originated not in Mexico but in Malta, where similar dogs have been known since ancient times (they were called „Kelb Ta But“, which translated into Lithuanian means „pocket dog“). These small dogs may have been brought to Malta from Africa around 600 BC. Chihuahuas are considered by Americans to be the oldest breed in America: they used to be larger than today’s dogs, but have always been one of the smallest dog breeds. The Chihuahua was not a very popular breed in ancient times, and became most popular in the 1850s when the breed was rediscovered. The first long-haired Chihuahuas arrived in Lithuania in 1995 and the short-haired ones in 2002.

Chihuahua: appearance

Chihuahuas are 15-23 cm tall at the withers and usually weigh less than 2.5 kg. Females are smaller than males. The body is proportionate and relatively robust. The neck is of medium length, slender and the nape of the neck is arched. The back is straight, the tail is of medium length and held high above the back. Skull round, ears large and erect, spaced far apart. The eyes are large and round, usually dark, but light-furred Chihuahuas may have lighter eyes. The lips are thin and close-set and the muzzle is short and slightly tapering. The colour of the nose mirror corresponds to the colour of the coat – it may be black or lighter. The coat of the Chihuahua may be long or short, and a variety of colours are allowed. Short-haired Chihuahuas have a close, soft and shiny coat, long-haired Chihuahuas have a straight coat, which may be a little shaggy, very soft.

Chihuahua: character

The character of the Chihuahua depends very much on how the dog is brought up. Some dogs can be quite aggressive and cannot live with other pets or children. If the Chihuahua is socialised from a young age and trained as a puppy, there should be no behavioural problems. This breed can be brought up with children aged 13 years and over: children of this age already know how to handle pets, so you will not have to worry about the dog hurting the child or vice versa. Chihuahuas are usually attached to one owner or to two family members. Chihuahuas are often quite nervous around strangers and may bark loudly. Chihuahuas are usually happy to socialise with their own breed, but are not always willing to be friends with other dogs. Chihuahuas are very agile and like intense play, but they are not too keen on long walks.

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