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Chinese alexanders are called Lord derbys parakeet or Derbyan parakeet in English, Psittacula derbiana in Latin, and Chinese alexanders in English because they are native to southern China and are similar to Alexander’s parakeets, but are slightly smaller.

Just as Alexander’s parrots have their smaller cousins the kramers, Chinese alexanders have the mustached parakeet, which is outwardly the same as the Chinese alexanders, but the size of a kramer.

Chinese Alexanders are rarer than Alexander parrots because they are more difficult to breed.

Chinese Alexanders live for about 25 years.

It is easy to distinguish females from males because the males have a bright red bill and the females have a black bill. The young have a light pink bill. Only experienced breeders can distinguish the sexes of the young by the shape of the head (males have a flatter occiput, females an arched one). It is better to have a genetic test to know the sex of the chick. The young fully mature and change the colour of their beak by 2-3 years of age.

The Chinese way of alexander parrots

playful, easy to train, active birds that need a wide variety of toys. Alexanders and Chinese Alexanders have a large and powerful beak which they like to use, so they need many toys, especially wooden ones or for gnawing on tree branches. Chinese Alexanders may start fighting, making noise or destroying the room if they have no toys and no activity.They can be aggressive, demanding, stubborn, and some like to scold and boss. Therefore, rules must be established when keeping this bird.Speaks if the owners spend enough time with the parrot. Hand-fed parrots are more likely to talk.Like most talking parrots, Chinese Alexanders are quite noisy.Like Kramers and Alexanders, they are not picky about food and need a lot of time. This is especially important if you have a cuddly Chinese Alexandrine, as too little attention can make the parrot uncomfortable or even aggressive. This means that if you buy a cuddly bird and only give it 15 minutes a day, it can become aggressive over time.Like most Asian parrots, Chinese Alexanders generally do not like to be petted.

Compared to other large parrots (Amazons, Jacois, Cockatoos, Amazons), Chinese Alexanders are the easiest parrots to keep and cause the least problems. It is therefore an excellent choice for those who have the time and wish to keep a larger parrot.

Diet of Chinese Alexanders

These parrots eat a wide variety of mainly protein-based foods in the wild, so HIGH Protein pellets are best suited to their needs.

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