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Chow Chow

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

Cream, cinnamon, black, blue or brown (various shades available, from soft gold to mahogany)

Quiet, stubborn, loyal, independent. Usually attached to one owner and only interacts with him

46-58 cm

20-31 kg

11-12 years

Other names:
Chow Chow


Size of litter:
4-6 puppies

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds, originating from China. It is distinguished from other dog breeds by its almost completely straight hind paws and the unusual colour of its tongue, which is blue. The chow chows are excellent human companions who tend to trust humans. Although they react to strangers with a rather indifferent or even negative attitude, it is not very difficult to gain the trust of these dogs. They are quite independent dogs and can obey their owner’s commands, but complete obedience is not expected.

History of the breed

The Chow Chow is a very old dog breed, thought to be over 5000 years old. It is said that around 1000 BC, the Tatars invaded China and brought with them several medium-sized lion-like dogs with unusual blue tongues. It is likely that these were chow chows, as such an appearance is not typical of other dog breeds. In a later period, around 206 BC & 22 AD, chow chows were depicted on various pottery. In the seventh century, one Chinese emperor is known to have kept some 2 500 chow chows, which were used for hunting and sport. Unfortunately, for a long time in China, it was possible to find many restaurants serving dog meat dishes. This was only banned in 1915. In the nineteenth century, chow chows came to England and were kept as ornamental dogs. Around this time, the breed became popular in Europe and the USA. The first Chow Chows arrived in Lithuania quite late in the 1980s.

Chow Chow: appearance

The chow chow is a medium-sized dog: males are between 48 and 58 cm tall at the withers, while females are slightly shorter, usually between 46 and 51 cm tall. The appearance of this breed is somewhat similar to that of the spitz, but the chow chow is much stronger and larger. the chow chow’s ears are small, triangular. The tongue is bluish-black, the neck is decorated with a mane and the tail is curled and covered with tufts. Chow Chows can have two types of coat – rough or smooth. The most common coarse-coated chow chows are the long-haired chow chows, which have rough hair on the upper part of the coat and a soft, thick undercoat. Smooth-coated chow chows have thick, smooth and dense covering hair and a firm undercoat. The breed is available in five colours: cream, cinnamon, black, blue or brown (available in shades ranging from soft gold to mahogany). Blue and cinnamon coloured chow chows are the rarest.

Chow Chow: character

The Chow Chow is quite calm and quiet, but also alert. The Chow Chow does not like too much attention, and appreciates peace and quiet, making it ideal for single people. The Chow Chow is affectionate, but not too pushy. They value their freedom and give it to their beloved owner. In the home, they are generally calm and do not frolic much. They enjoy long walks and the exercise required is relatively low (usually 20-60 minute walks are sufficient).Teaching the basic commands of dressage will not be difficult – the chow chow understands that in a community certain rules have to be followed, but it will never be a completely obedient dog, obeying everywhere and always.

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